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    I was talking to my motorcycle insurance company today and he told me that I could save money by dropping the "uninsured motorist bodily injury" coverage. He told me since I had comprehensive and collision my bike would still be covered even if I were hit by an uninsured driver. I have personal medical coverage so I'm covered on that. The savings was almost $200 a year on my 2 bikes. Do any of you long time riders know about this? Does that sound right?
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    i to asked my agent about this but mine is only 15 bucks so i kept it..
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    Careful here. Every state is different. I know in Florida if you carry stacked uninsured motorist coverage on your cage the you are covered on your bike. I would contact another insurance agent or research this completely. Not worth a mistake IMO.

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    You need to check with your personal and see if they will cover a car accident. Personal medical can deny injuries from an auto (motorcycle) crash. There is a reason you can have medical coverage on auto insurance.
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    Do some research before you make any change. I have a friend who got rear ended as she sat at a red light. Pushed her Sporty in to the truck in front and knocked her down. Besides the bike damage she has a fractured hand and the other hand was badly bruised. The lady who hit her had an expired registration and her insurance coverage is questionable. Bottom line is her under insured coverage is paying the bills until the lawyers get a law suit completed. Without the under insured coverage she would have been in financial trouble. So beware out there and keep good insurance coverage.
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    Check your personal medical insurance policy ! Remember Health insurance is just that it insures your health it is NOT accident insurance . I was buying MC insurance one time and the salesman said that my medical was covered under the 100,000/300,000 P/L portion of my policy . I asked the salesman if he was sure and he said yes so I told him " If I get into a MC accident and if the insuance company don't pay the bills I am going to find you and shoot you " needless to say I got the truth out of him , I would have to puchase extra medical coverage . Right now I carry 20,000 in extra medical on my motorcycle Ins which is just a ride to the hospital IMO . You may want to check into your Ins very close , in Texas to ride without a helmet you have to be 21 & have successful completion of riders training or have 10,000 in medical coverage , there must be a reason why the law is written that way .
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    Usually, the deductable for uninsured motorists is less than your comprehensive deductable. In my case, having the uninsured motorist insurance saved me $300 when my truck was involved in a hit and run in TX this spring. Also, since there was no claim on my comprehensive, nothing added to my iunsurance record.
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    I knew I had the medical insurance added to my policy but I know wish it were more. I was only covered for 1,000 and my bills will probably be about 50,000 or more when done. I wish they would of caught the driver who fled.
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    To many uninsured driving in texas. My wife was hit by someone who did not have insurance or a driver's license last year. luckly she was not hurt but her vehicle was totaled.
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    Yes, you can save money on your premium by dropping your uninsured bodily injury coverage. Before you do that however, consider a couple of things. First, your health insurance may cover your medical expenses if you are hurt in an accident that is the uninsured driver's fault. You would still be responsible for your health insurance deductible and co-payments. Health insurance will not pay for any lost wages that you may lose because you can't work. Uninsured motorist coverage can pay for your lost wages. What if you need to hire someone to mow your lawn, cook meals for you, or help you do other daily activities of living? Health insurance will not pay for that.

    Also, be careful about carrying minimum liabililty, medical payments, or uninsured motorist limits. If you are badly injured, there's a good chance you'll be transported to the hospital by helicopter. The average cost for the helicopter to just take off is around $10,000.00. they then add mileage, costs of supplies, and use of their equipment. The average helicopter ambulance bill is over $13,000.00. That's before you even get to the hospital.