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    I'm not mechanical, but want to get better. I'm installing forward controls on my '08 883 xl and am stuck at removing exhaust according to service manual. Don't have a service manual and finding it difficult to get one. Can anyone talk me thru getting these pipes off (and back on) so I can finish installing my controls?
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    I have an 07 1200L sportster that i recently installed forward controls on. I took the heat shields off and took off the band clamps from the slip on muffs and also under the mufflers are 4 sets of bolts that are bolted to the crossover pipe. Take them off and the slip ons should slip right off. They may be stuck pretty good but with a little muscle you will be able to get them off.
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    I have a 05 xl1200. I was under the assumption that the xl's came with forward controls??????

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    04 to 08 Standard XL1200R (Sportster Roadster) comes with mids only, cast wheels and dual disc front brakes...the

    Custom XL1200C (Sportster Custom) comes with fowards only, has chrome case case, rocker and tranny covers, solid cast rear and spoke larger front wheel with single disc front brake...Low and Nightster Sportsters are being offered in 2009 up to help fill the void of all black bike so popular nowadays. All models have threaded bosses in the frame to accomodate black or chrome styles when you state your preference. Enjoy shopping for the stuff that works for you. Might want to look in the 09 or 10 HD Parts & Accessories Catalog or aftermarket suppliers like J6P Cycles.
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