Installing cam plate and high flow oil pump

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    I'm installing the Screaming Eagle Upgrade kit #25284-08. The instruction with the kit is not clear as to which cam, crank gear and chain to use. It specifies touring models to 01 EFI and i have an 03 Ultra Classic. It seems as though I should use the gears and chain that came with the kit. Can anyone advise me or have installed this upgrade?

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    JUST MY THINKING.... I think you would use your OLD cams chain (back side)... Take time when you take it off the cams and don't turn it around(keeping same rotation) MARK it good.......

    I think you WILL use all the New chain and gears to work on the front side...

    I might be wrong so wait until confirmed I think I'm right..

    TQ1 is the one that has done a lot of this,,,Hope he'll come along... Many others also here ..... Patience please

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    thanks for the reply. I did use the existing cam chain and i agree with you about the front side. The directions are mentioning a camshaft sensor for the reason to use the old chain and gears. I do not see a sensor or anything that lead me to believe that there would be a difference using the new ones supplied with the kit. I am patient and will wait to see what else will come back but I would like to get the engine back together tomorrow morning. Going to bed now and will check back in the morning. Thanks again.
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    As Bubbie said, you will use your old secondary chain (mark direction of travel) and the new sprockets and chain on the front side. I just finished this upgrade on my bike last week, and since mine is a 2000, I had to use the existing sprockets and chains on the front because of the cam position sensor. Kinda defeats the purpose of the new roller chain, but it won't work with my old sprockets. Seems like they could have made a new sprocket for my year model that would work with the new chain. In the instructions it says to discard the new roller chain and sprockets on the 2000's. What did I just pay all that money for if I have to discard brand new parts??? Anyway, I'm real happy with the results. New Torrington inner bearings, new cams, new support plate, hydraulic tensioners, and the new high volume oil pump seems to keep the motor cooler, but I'll have to wait until we hit 100* to really test that out. Make sure you center the oil pump before torquing the bolts and torque those, the cam plate and the cam cover in the proper sequence and to the proper specs.
    Good luck with yours.
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    Thanks for the reply and I'm glad that your upgrade worked out. I figured that I would be using the new one on the front and you confirming that makes my day. It will be great to lower the oil temperature and cool that motor down just a little bit. I hope the hydraulic tensioners will last a lot longer then the original. I'll be going out to the garage in a bit to get this finished. Too bad the forecast here in NJ is rain for the next 7 days. Oh well. Thanks again. This is a great forum.
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    Sounds like you have it done, but if not, I suggest replacing your existing silent chain in the back with a new one. No use putting in all that other new stuff and leaving a used chain.


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    i agree great advise:D