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    So I installed the exhaust and the SE intake, I want to now complete the install with the installation of the Dobeck. I have to remove the tank to get to the injectors. This seems like such a pain in the (EDIT). Can someone point me in the right direction - does the tank really need to be emptied in order to remove it? I may as well fix the other problem while i'm at it - with my gas tank always reading full.

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    Dobeck Test Evaluations. - Page 2 - Harley Davidson Community

    You should get a manual also if you don't already have one. I just installed my Gen3 EJK and I left the tank on. I just propped it up and slid 2-2x4's under the tank. Of course you have to disconnect the fuel line after purging the pressure on the line.
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    No, you do not have to remove the tank... but it would help!

    On my Softail Custom I loosened the front tank bolt, removed the rear bolt and propped it up as much as I could.

    It worked but, it was a struggle!

    If you have other chores to do with the tank removed, I would recommend it.

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    i found the only problem with the installation was my fat fingers.
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    I propped my tank up w/2x4's too & covered with thick towel to ensure nothing got dinged. Onlt reason I didn't remove is because it was winter w/bike in "storage mode" so full tank = ~50lbs to hoist away (full of fuel). Next time, if I ever swap tuners, tank's coming off...
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    Well I have to agree, Tank is coming off!
  7. R_W_B

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    Propping the front of the tank up is an option but not nearly as convenient.

    The problem is two fold. One if you don't remove the crossover tube and the console wiring, then you cannot prop the tank up much more than 2" which does not give you enough lift to access securing the wires of the Doebeck to the backbone. You want these wires securely intalled where they won't fall down onto the rockers and melt the insulation off them (grounding the Doebeck).

    And if you do remove the crossover and the console wiring . . . . . well most of the hard part is done already so might as well remove the tank rather than just prop the front up high enough for access.
  8. Iceman24

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    16 the old BK commercial...gotta have some "tiny hands" to work under the gap. Tank removal (empty) is pretty simple...pull fuse, purge pressure, , quick disconnect, couple of screws & lift away.
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    You should be able to do the install by just lifting the tank slightly but make sure you disconect the fuel line or give harley about $40.00 bucks when the conector breaks. And as said above it helps to have small fingers and good eyes. When your done you will be glad you did the stage one
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    Did mine with tank on, but raised as described above, I found that a pair of long nosed needle pliers worked well to ease off the connectors and to fasten on the tuner connections. they worked great for getting in to where my fingers were a bit limited. Just remember to hook up your fuel line when done, or she wont start and you will think it's something with the tuner. I threaded my wires through the plastic wire grommet attached to the frame under the tank, nice clean install look. Good luck and have fun. Well worth the bit of skin off the knuckles for this one.