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    I need help finding a vid or instructions on how to install a new clutch cable , i have a 75 shovel head and the old cable is stretched and worn out , i can build a house but i cant turn a wrench so i need something that's kind of step by step , I'm new at wrenching so i don't want to mess it up but i need to learn how to do these small things . Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.
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    Welcome to the forum. Do you have a 4 speed ratchet top tranny?
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    Unless this tranny has been upgraded, the ratchet tranny was used on Big Twins until 1979, when the cow pie made its debut Welcome to The Forum, these clutch cables are external and fairly easy to replace, you may want to start a NEW thread in the proper sub forum for more responses
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    :wce From Colorado. A mod. should come along in the near future and move your post to the proper area so you get more help with your issue.
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    Welcome to the forum

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    :D Thanks Brian, you are getting good at this:D Changing this clutch cable is fairly easy, measure your old cable first to get the correct length. Lock at the way the cable mounts at the clutch throw out arm on the tranny, count the threads you see exposed, this will be your starting point when you do your install. If you cannot make the proper adjustment here on the cable you will need to remove the derby cover. we can cover that later if you get this far:D
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    This is like Jack said but more in depth. At the tranny left side is where the cable is attached to a bracket on the seat post. There is a 9/16 lock nut, loosen it all the way back. The threaded part is a 1/2 nut, screw the adjuster all the way in. That gives you slack on the cable. Once you have total slack slip the clutch lever out of the perch and release the cable from the ferrule. Look at the ferrule, it is slotted and has a recess on one side for the cable end to go in.When placing the new cable in the ferrule make sure the slot is facing inward towards the perch, can't pop out that way. Now go back to the tranny end and disconnect the cable from the clutch release arm. That's the arm coming from the Kicker side.
    Now take your new cable and screw it back in the bracket you just took the old cable off of. Screw it in far enough to attach the cable back to the release arm. Now start turning the adjuster out until you 1/8-1/4 inch free play at the lever. Free play is to pull on the cable housing and measure,or guess,the distance from cable end to the perch. Perch is what the cable rest against. Pull your lever 4-5 times then recheck free play.
    Make sure your cable ends are seated all the way. Readjust free play as needed. New cable stretch also. Lock down the lock nut on the bottom adjuster. An easy way to tell if clutch releases, without bike running, is to put it in 1st. gear, pull in on clutch and see if you can push the forward or backwards easily. I usually sit on it to do that, makes it easier for me. Hope this helps.
    PS to Jack; We call the cow pie a Pancake top down here in So. Texas(lol)
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    LOL, we some times called them maytags