Installed XL-L bars on a XL-C

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by garyhdxlc, Mar 23, 2009.

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    This Winter I installed the new bars. I had to get a 4" wire kit and all new cables, total cost about $300. I installed them on the stock C riser. I all so put on a Mustang seat with drivers backrest.
    I have a life long problem with my Back, the L bars feel much better for me. I only put on 68 miles, but I felt it was a big improvement.
    The new Mustang was very comfortable too. A much more relaxed ride. My bike handles different but still good.
    2 days later, I drove around 80 miles with the backrest on, Man I can tell you this, I may never take it off. What a big improvement, for the first time in my life, I drove a bike with NO back Paine. I didn't even have my windshield on.
    I can adjust it forward and back, up and down, and it pivots to fit my back, and it folds down flat for getting on and off the bike. Only things I didn't like was when I stop, I need to lean forward to plant my feet, I'm 5' 9", and when I hit a large sharp bump my but would slide forward a little.
    I feel the good out weighs the bad by a long shot. I don't think the backrest would work as good with the stock C bars because the L bars come back to me, so I can just set right back in to the backrest and relax.
    After I get around 5 or 600 miles on them I will up-date this...

    BTW, I can see in back of my bike in the mirrors better now too.