Installed the Gen3 This Evening

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    Let me say this; Whoever said the Gen3 is an easy install is so very wrong. I had the most difficult time just trying to get to the injectors to unplug the harness plugs. Even with the tank raised to the maximum the fuel line would allow, as well as removing the air filter, I could not get in there to maneuver around and I have relatively small hands.

    Then when I finally got in there, the Gen3 plugs that connect to the Harley wiring harness wouldn't snap into place. Without those plugs being locked into position those plugs will undoubtedly work their way loose. So with a little creativity, I figured out what to do. It appeared that the Gen3 plugs had to be filed down all around the plug's leading edges until enough material was removed allowing the plug to go a bit deeper into the harness plug allowing the plug to lock into place. Eventually I got it to work but I was ready to pack it all up and return the whole thing.

    BTW, I did start the engine after the wiring was completed and the Gen3 ran through the scrolling green lights proving I installed the wiring correctly.

    I still have not found a mounting place since I did mention there is no place under the seat and I still have that problem. Tomorrow I will get a fresh start and continue. :(
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    I use the supplied velcro to attach it to the top of the battery.

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    I've had good success using a pair of extended long nose pliers and a long thin screwdriver to hook up the injector plugs.
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    I agree with Glider on the pliers and screwdriver, (as usual, he's right) took me less than 1 hour for the whole deal. File the plugs? are you sure you ordered/they sent the right part? There are differences in the plugs from model to model.
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    Installed mine in about an hour, I didn't have to file the plugs, you're right about the tight squeeze to the injectors, I had a hard time getting the paws in there, not much room to work, didn't think of getting the wife to help, overall, not bad, one of the easier install I've done.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I took OFF my gas tank as it comes off easily on my 09FLHR..

    The situation you had is a ONE TIME EVENT.... Thank goodness

    You will Like the system once you find a spot to set it..

    I don't Know your bike but I find it hard to believe there is no room for the device..

    I put mine behind the side panel LOOSELY in a rag so it is available IF needed to change OF which should Not be necessary ONCE set to your bike.....

    I don't Know your bike only the ones I have owned,,,,, The filing needed to fit the plug is better as you probably have a good tight fit....

    Sorry you had a Rough time of it... I haven't heard of too many like your install...

    Keep a SMILE as you will need that when you ride that Better Running Bike..

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    eazy but, i took some bungie cords from garage door, and hung the gas tank there, only removed 2 front tank bolts and the 3 bolts from lower end,,that was it..high enough to put wires into the channel with other wires,,injectors went on like budder...:)
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    I found it easyer just to pull the tank on my 09flhtc and give me a good look under there. Did find at that time the harness to the throttle control actuator was rubbing on the front head, and wore through the harness sheathing. Repaired that .. could have been a problem down the road. You will love the tfi, mounted my unit behind the rt side cover.
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    Assuming your bike and my bike are identical even though they are different model years, then your Gen3 location is a NO-NO.

    Here why; on the bottom of my seat is a rubber cushion that rests on the top of my battery. I believe the purpose of this rubber cushion serves two purposes. The weight of the seat and the rider holds the battery in place and the battery supports the seat. So your Gen3 would be crushed by the rubber cushion. I would check your install ASAP.

    I did find a location but I had to move some electrical components around to make it work. Since I did that now I am having some minor lighting issues. And these issues are now intermittent which is almost impossible to resolve. It could be an unrelated issue but I am working on the fix.
  10. D.Bradfield

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    I better do some research. can you post a picture where you installed yours?