Installed Rinehart True Duals

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by Monsoon, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. Monsoon

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    When I bought my 2010 SG, I had the dealer throw on the SE Nightstick on the exhaust because I did not want to leave the dealer quiet. I drove with the Nightstick on since last Oct and over this weekend I pulled the trigger and bought a set of Rinehart True Duals.

    Installed them myself in about 2 hours, cleaned up the pipes and fired her up. What a great sound. Unbelievable. I am truly happy now with the sound of my bike. And I love the look of the duals coming sticking out back. I don't know why Harley went to a 2-1 pipe, but it's obvious by looking at the 2011 models that they listened to the people and went back to the duals.

    Best part of the deal is I found the pipes through searching the web for $780. I went down to my dealer and told them what I could get the pipes for with free shipping and asked them to match. Parts guy said there's no way. But I spoke to the manager and he approved it. So do ask when you find great deals.

    Now I have my Nightstick slip on for sale. It has a great sound, but I wanted the dual look.
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  2. sprinklerfitter669

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    Good For you.
    sounds like a great deal, and i never thought to ask the dealer to price match...great idea, i have to try it...:D
  3. dbmg

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    Do you have some type of fuel management to compensate for new exhaust?
  4. ultrat

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    Good u did it yourself fun & satisfying to work on your bike. like any manufacture they try different looks some work some not so well....
  5. Monsoon

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    Nope, I did nothing. From all the research I did it seemed it was not necessary. I'm sure I will though in the near future.
  6. Iceman24

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    If the dealer installed - they would've flashed the bike to allow for exhaust upgrade. Definitely want to consider b/c you're already running lean & don't want to hurt motor.

    Otherwise, great deal on the pipes - $780 is awesome for TD set-up.
  7. Monsoon

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    It's in the plan for sure. I'll have to call them up and get that scheduled. And yes it was a great deal, since they were starting at $989.00 for the pipes. And I could only imagine what they would charge for installation. They did sell me some exhaust gaskets, but some came with the kit. So I took them back and got no resistance from them on returning them too.

    The best mod I could do for the bike right now. I really love them and I can't ride it enough. I have an 06 Texas Chopper too with a 111 S&S with V&H's Big Radius. And now both bikes sound real close. I will have to say the Rineharts have a little deeper bite and much quieter during normal driving. But when I get on it, you can hear the pipes for sure. The V&H's you can hear all the time and is much louder. But the chopper should sound louder in my opinion.
  8. retgi

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    I also have the 2010 SG and left the dealer with the SE muffler. Better, but not great. So can someone tell me what's the main difference between a system like the Rinehart true duals and say the V&H Power Duals?