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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by BuffaloBill, Dec 1, 2009.

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    Hello Gang

    I have been riding since my late teens over 40 years and lately I have been thinking of hanging it up I just woke up one day and I found myself questioning the reason why I should get on the bike and fight the crazies out there in their cages It is getting dangerous I recently turned 60 and commute 50 miles Round trip daily on my bike to work

    Has anyone else felt this way

    Ride safe
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    it is a big concern people in cages seem to have no repect for motorcycles they seem not to even see us on the road but i would not give it up:s
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    I'm 64 and been riding since I was 14 (Florida allowed it). There has been a time or two that I started out on a ride, didn't feel right and went home. Five days ago, I was 200 miles from home, alone on an unfamiliar road with no traffic and I ran it up to 100 just because it felt good. My periods of caution outnumber my periods of exuberance more and more as I get older. I can't imagine not riding ever again.
  4. you could be sufferrin from some type of temporary insantiy. it will pass. get off yer butt an get on a harley ride slow till you once again realize that you merely had a minor glitch in your thinkin/priority list................... ever thangs gonna be alright...........
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    That concern for your safety and the safety of others, has served you well over the last 40 some years of riding. It's not getting dangerous out there, it's always been dangerous and your concern and, now, all that experience will continue to serve you well. Not much out there, these days, that isn't dangerous. Ride safe Bill, you've earned it.
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    Sounds to me like you need to differentiate your riding to commute and riding for pleasure. I live somewhat in the country and would never consider taking the bike into Houston, rush hour or weekend. There are just way too many inattentive idiots out there.

    However every available minute the wife and I are out riding the backroads enjoying the scenery. I plan to ride until I am no longer physically and/or mentally capable of handling the bike.
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    Hi Bill, I think its okay to be concerned, everyone has these thoughts creep through their heads from time to time, I think you should worry if you dont. youve been riding a long time guarantee if you hang it up your gonna miss it, I know in the winter when I cant ride seeing the bike just sit in the garage bothers me. :D

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    I'm 61. My first ride was a bicycle with a lawnmower engine and the first motorcycle at 20 and I've been riding ever since. I live 25 miles from work and the interstate is a only a quarter mile from where I live and would drop me off right at work. I won't take it on my bike though. The road is too torn up and the traffic is too crazy. My riding isn't practical or cost efficient. I just enjoy it so I pick my rides and trips accordingly. I enjoy working on it too. Maybe you just have to give up the commuting. Statistically the worst part of the day is supposed to be morning and evening rush hour.
    Stay safe - Bob

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    BB, understand that feeling...happened after a long ride and coming home in the pitch dark (before I changed my headlamp to the brighter OSRAM 80/100 bulb) on the quiet stretch of highway 101 (yeah "quiet" in that there were plenty of cars zipping on by at the usual 80 mph even on a moonless, pitch black night between beach towns and 2 lane sections at 10PM Sunday evening). I was in the middle of my lane keeping plenty of following distance realizing that that with such amenic light I could only see the botts dots on either side and just started to question the rationale for being out this late coming home from my daughter's after the long pleasurable weekend coastal highway route I had come from earlier.

    On my Katana I never gave these sorties a second thought...but the HD "safer and easier to ride" at that moment seemed out of its' element and me more so (this was after all the earlier ignition problems and towing incident going up awhile back I talked about) so that probably had a lot to do with it...thinking about "limp" mode going home. Promptly got the bulb and got the ignition problem sorted and now fine...but it was my "moment" after 30 years of riding.
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    Yep one day i couldnt wait to get home and get off my bike dont know what it was glad it passed besides my wife and kids my bike is my passion