Ignition hotwiring HEEEELLLPPPPP!!!!!!

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    Have an 07 FLSTC. (EDIT) ignition switch is out. Presumably a little corrosion started it, that increases the resistance, as resistance goes up, heat goes up, as heat goes up, resistance increases. so they build on one another. Anyway.....
    I need to jump this to get it in to get it fixed. If you take the ignition switch off, there are three wires at the base of it. I am "presuming" I jump between the center one, and the one on the LEFT. IE, the one at 6 o'clock, with the one at 8 o'clock. ANY HELP is greatly appreciated. No, I can't just clean the switch and put it back together, that was my first thought, but as it heated, the plastic melted a wee bit (yes, just a little) and the other thing is, I'd like to get it in to get it looked at to make sure that's all that is wrong with it.
    Helpful answers greatly appreciated. Smart (EDIT) answers, also appreciated, just not as much. :)
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    just a thought but can't you run a live wire right to the coil and start it that way?
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    i needed it to start, and stay running long enough to get to a shop to get it fixed. I fried my meter but got it going. Would have posted more but for some reason, couldn't get online here.

    after my reply to the moderator, probably won't be allowed back on here. been nice knowing ya all. :)

    I thought the "warning" was the text and email I got, I take it the warning was a temporary ban?

    Kind of a unpolite thing to do, when a guys bike is down and he needs help.

    I've been a police officer for 30 years, I run across cops like you every now and again. Write worthless tickets because it's the "rules" I usually try and help them see the overall picture, that it's the spirit of the law, not the letter of the law we try and enforce. If a word gets the same result as a ticket, why write the ticket?

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    Whats unpolite is for you to think you can come on here and just be a "commando" when a mod. explains the rules here and you pop-off and state something like this! Oh yea - BTW ----- your right about one thing -- you won't be here !!! BYE-BYE !