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    Hi guys,well this is gonna be my first problem on my RK 1999 EFI
    Since I,ve got it it,s been working right,but lately is doing weird things like at any moment even cool or warm the idle goes down I mean the engine stops
    I adjust the idle in cool and warm as the Company says but it still doing that
    the thing is that the idle goes right and when the bike wants the engine stops but not all the times I can be riding a few days and eveything is ok but at any moment when I put the neutral the engine stops
    weird isn,t?
    Could anyone tell me what,s going on with it
    Sorry for my english I,m trying to do my best
    Thanks a lot
  2. TQuentin1

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    More info needed. Carbed bike or EFI? If EFI, have you checked for codes?

    Give us some more info so we can see what we can do to help you.

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    welcome to the forum sayah. I have a 2000 ultra and it had some idle problems but not as bad as yours. If I remember right my idle was low when I got it back from a service. It almost sounded like it was going to stall but didn't. so I took it out and they hooked the computer up and readjusted it. then it idled to high. After taking it back several times they finally got it to my liking.
  4. sayah

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    Thanks a lot for your replays,as I said it is a EFI but don,t know any about codes and neither how to see them
    Never had a HD before so I,m as lost as a frog in a garage
    The thing is that if I take my bike to a shop,this is Spain man I,ll have to sell the bike to pay the bill
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    sayah: welcome to the forum, there is a great time difference between Spain and USA, I'm certain you will get the help you need this morning as more members log onto the site and help you narrow your problem down to a resolution. I live in the same city as TQuentin and was amazed to see his response at 2:30 this morning (our time).

    Good Luck my friend!
  6. Hoople

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    I have never looked up how idle is controlled on early level bikes but it should be the same as late models which is done by an IAC stepper. You could try cleaning it, but because of it's age I would just replace it with a new one. At least on the current models they are not really expensive. Replace the associated o-rings also.

    You said you adjust the idle yourself. How is that done?
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    Try this link and see if it helps Magnetti Marelli Idle - Harley Davidson Community . You have a Magnetti Marelli F.I. unit, I know nothing about it. There are several more M.M. articles in the self help section under 'Diagnostics and Fuel injection'. It sounds like a HD Service manual would pay for itself in a short time. Good luck
    P.S. Your English is very understandable.
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    Good Morning . I see you are in Spain. How long was the bike in Spain? I know Spain imports most of their fuel. Perhaps the bike doesn't like the grade/type of fuel you are using? Also check for vacuum leaks (sometimes it easy they sound like whistling). We will try and help you here as much as we can. And welcome to the site.
  9. Hoople

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    Good info. It looks like it has some type of electrical IAC setup. Cleaning may buy you some time or at least give you an indication in change regarding your problem. That would tell you that your on the right track.
  10. sayah

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    Glider that,s exactly what I,ve done to fit the idle,also clean up both holes I did what the service bulletin but it still stopping sometimes. I use 95 gas, HD recomended this type for my RK
    I don,t want to use 98 gas just in case I (Edit) up, the bike it,s been in Spain for a couple years I,ve got it last November and I,ve been riding it for 17000 miles and It,s been doing this since last month but as i said the idle goes down whenever the bike wants
    Thanks to all of you guys
    I,ll still look for info about this stupid problem

    Please read this...
    A Friendly Reminder - Harley Davidson Community
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