Idle engine problem with cold

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by Benito1976, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. Benito1976

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    Hi, this is my first request in the forum:s...a friend have some problems with the idle engine of its sportster, but I think is not a big problem...clik

    as you can see and hear from the video there are 3 episodes in wich the engine stop for a appeneds whwn the bike is cold...thanks to all!!:D
  2. fwcole

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    Id say Hobbit is right, sounds like its only running on one.
  3. 09 FXSTC

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    My wifes' 08 Nightster 1200cc with just over 200 miles on it does the same thing. Going back to the dealer soon to be looked at. What is cold for you? Here cold is 55-65 in the morning. Also how many miles do you have? Someone suggested check the O2 sensors to see if they are loose, not in my case but you may want to check yours.
  4. nhk750

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    My 08 1200c will do the same thing. I think it will do it more when on the jiffy stand. I have been a mechanic for over 20 years and built many engines along with lots school. Even though it was on Diesel enginges, they aways told us not to let an engine sit idling to warm up for more than 30 seconds. Warm it up enough to drive then drive very easily for a few miles. I have always used this rule of thumb for air cooled engines and never had a problem. I see some people warming up engines for 5 minutes and that is stupid, your oil pressure will be low with cold oil, wich causes massive wear on all the bearing surfaces. Better to warm up for 30sec then ride.