Ideas for a one week trip from Quebec city

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  1. marcduf

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    I'm planning a 7-9 days trip this summer.
    I'm leaving from Quebec city and I'd like to have your ideas for a nice destination.

    Last year, I went to Wahington DC going thru Philadelphia and Atlantic City and that was great !

    Looking a for another amazing trip.

  2. dbmg

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    Are you close to entering the US through the New England part of the country?? Then head down the coast.
  3. Dr. Dolittle

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    Wow, this sounds just like what I asked but starting from a different location!

    A. Easy 4 day ride through Ottawa, North Bay, Sudbury, Sault Ste Marie, Michigan UP, and down to Milwaukee. Spend a day at the HD Museum. Return home.

    B. NY Adirondacks, York Factory tour, Skyline Drive, home.

    C. Coastal Maine, Boston, mountains of Vermont and New York Adirondack area.
  4. marcduf

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    A- HD museum is part of my next trip. I'm planning it in 2013 though because it's gonna be the 110th HD anniversary !

    B- Skyle is already done when I went to Tail of the Dragon :) Nice park !!! NY Adirondack is always great too.

    C- Boston is already done.

    I'm thinking of Indianapolis and Cincinnati.
    Maybe Sturgis Bike week, but i would have to that the HD fly and ride program because too far away from home.

    Thanks !
  5. Dr. Dolittle

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    Wow, sounds like you've done a lot of "bucket list" type items.

    No offense to the folks that live there but I don't really think of Indianapolis and/or Cincinnati as motorcycle vacation destinations. Great cities to visit maybe, but not the type of riding I'm looking for when I get some time off for two wheel therapy.

    Get down into Kentucky or West Virginia for more hilly scenic rides. Get further west and ride the Great River Road along the Mississippi River. Hey, Key West is only about a 3 or 4 day ride from you if you don't mind screaming down the interstate the whole time.
  6. marcus22

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    hit up niagara falls!
  7. Mainah

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    Instead of a destination, how about a big loop ride. Up and around the Gaspe, circle around Nova Scotia, down the Maine coast to Portland, cross new Hampshire and back home via Vermont Rt 100. Lots of good secondary roads and some fantastic scenery.

    Here's a lint to a web page with some great roads in New England for side trips.NERDS Best of NE rides and routes
  8. EnjoyingTheRyde

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    This is one I want to do... :s I guess I need my passport...
  9. NYHarleyDavidson

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    X2..Nice Suggestion...

    Those of you who have never ridden in "Northern New Hampshire" (150 miles above Laconia) you should consider doing so. "Research Coos County NH" - Gorham - Lancaster - Stewartstown - Colebrook - Dixville Notch - Erroll - Pittsburg.

    You will not be disappointed. Those of us that ride it regularly will be (EDIT) at me for posting this as imo Northern NH is the best kept secret as far as riding bikes. The scenery, notches and roads are great. The downfall for me, it is 400 miles of highway from NYC but a much shorter ride from Quebec City.

    Northern NH provides easy access to Maine, Vermont and Canada. I have done it many times. The conditions are most enjoyable and never too hot for the bikes. The cool mountain air allows the bikes to rumble...We ride for hundreds of miles and never see a traffic light or congestion....just hills & curves.

    On another positive note Northern NH overnight lodging is "inexpensive" and the lodges are biker friendly. If it is a Holiday Inn you are looking for you won't get it. Mom & pop hunting & fishing lodges you will find at a cost of $30 and up per room, per night. The price gauging takes place in the winter during snowmobile season.

    Full disclosure disclaimer....Do watch out for the MOOSE and other wildlife to include mosquitos. The latter three are a concern at dusk/ night time and all, to include the mosquitos (LOL) will knock you off your machine, if NOT take your life, thus we usually return and or reach our destination prior to nightfall only to wait for sunrise to do it all over again.

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