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    "Who has impacted, inspired & / or helped you the most in your riding journey and how?" Do you have an inspiring story to share?:dude

    My husband has been an amazing riding partner. He's never criticized me once! I DO ask for constructive criticism and he always gently puts it in a complimentary sandwich .... compliment + however you might want to try doing it this way + (and he ends with) a compliment again....

    Before my bike was set up correctly and it was too top heavy, I used to have panic attacks in the morning before I rode. God helped me through that along with my husband & friends at the shop helping me get everything lowered and lowered and adjusted so I could reach everything comfortably.

    I also have about 6 constant riding buddies who have always encouraged me and shared candid honest stories of where they blew it, which were a huge influence on helping me become a better and more courageous rider.

    Most importantly, I've learned that I'm not alone. We all have something to learn every day on the road. Who's helped you?
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    Sounds like you found the best "buddy" you can have. Always helpful when having someone positive around you. I have taught myself as being single ,one has no choice sometimes. But, I have got some positive feedback from other riders which always makes for good thoughts and encouragement for being a better rider.

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    When I started to ride two wheelers (non motorized first) I had a school mate Roger who was the local mechanic in the neighborhood let me ride his "constructs"...(bike basket cases returned to life) and we would go trail riding in the National Seashore in Pt Reyes California. We got most of our bikes from Novato City Annual Bike Auctions from another friend named Cary. Both of my buddies I see from time to time when ever I go up to Northern Callifornia.

    As far as motorcycles, a co-worker named Bill got me into the dirt and street riding scene...he introducted me to restoration of singles and twins, be they British, Japanese or exotic...there were the "rollers" (bikes that were on "wheeled coasters") because the engines were not running, or the "weekenders" (ones good for one hard weekend of racing and then back to the shop for rebuilding or refreshing the top end)...also went several times to watch dirty oval track racing...how 'bout circulating 50-70mph while throttle steering a 100 HP bike with no brakes...? Another co-worker Steve got himself the "new" Honda 450-K4 I wanted that bike so bad...in the '74 I think and the bug stuck. There was a racer named Nick, racing MotoGP 250cc title (he was 5th in the points at the time) and was a Motorcyclist Magazine moto-journalist/Racer...got to watch and help him get his broken race bike on the workbench Sunday morning, later watching him win a 3rd place Podium finish...

    Many more friends and many more bikes later, I got introduced to my current HD Sporty by the idle thought from my gal Coline wanting a more comfortable ride out back when we would go for our weekend rides. I re-discovered the feeling of riding in "The Spirit of the Eagle...! "I'd like to thank ALL my friends at HDT especially for this inspiring experience, the joy does not stop until the the start button is hit and Windows shuts down! Thanks MZBling for starting this thread! :D
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    Yeah! Generally speaking..... almost all bikers are polite and give thoughtful constructive feed back. That's one of the reasons I love this sport. I have a friend "Charlie" who is an ex-moto-cop who has helped me immensely. Expert advice is always welcome, right? (smile)
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    Not trying to be a brown noser but I've got to say this forum community as a whole has easily been the greatest influence on my riding and wrenching knowledge, skills, and techniques. I learn something new and valuable each and every time I log on and I've even met some folks on here that I now consider my friends.
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    Totally agree! This forum and the knowledge it provides is fabulous! The unspoken brotherhood is priceless!
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    Yes agree with the forum forknowledge as most have never met each other and help all!!! I have learned the most from Glider.......... But i would like to thank Johnson and johnson for making pledge
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    I hope it was all good things you learned.:D
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    Love that "sandwich" idea that your husband uses, thanks for passing it along. I'm going to look for an opportunity to use that very soon!
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    well I use mobil vtwin , formula plus and spectro for the tranny , and of course pledge, must have learned something , have talked about 8 bikes into the same and everyone happy !! PLus i have learned not to type bad words.....All of us in Venezuela thank you glider!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!