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    Reading about everyone mods and such had me too anxious, another reason I should not read this daily.

    Anyway, it caused me to pull the trigger, ordered myself the rear wheel to finally match my front (17" Black Typhoon) and the wide tire kit (just decided to do it right in case I decide to lower it later...now just have to find the time to get them on there...of course a reason I need to stop at Sears and get me one of those pretty yellow jacks too :D.

    Also threw in the new HD road Revolution Modular helmet, since that post with Leno's helmet video has been nagging me, realizing I should go to a full face helmet and one that actually fits my skull (realized I was one of the many with a helmet that was too big).

    Little warning too on Zanotti's site, if you put in too many parts it may barf and not send the order to them so you may want to print out your order page (I have a tendency not to do that, so I had to look them all up again)
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    Have to watch those barfing sites, it could be hazardous to your wallet?:D

    Post some pics when you do it.
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    Of course, would never do any work without pics. Downside, my joy just went down...helmet is not in stock and on backorder from HD so I will have to wait to get the rest.
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    I know, but I'm trying to keep it a bit less dark. I've had the front typhoon on there since last year, just was waiting to do the rear. I'm still keeping the chrome up top on the luggage rack and debating on a few other chrome accents. I'm definitely copying you on the mirrors though next year, but waiting for my father-in-law to figure out how to install his.

    Latest update on everything, should be in this week, although had to switch to the stealth flame helmet since the revolution one turned out to me a limited edition. Oh well, I'll still be a happy camper.
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    Ok, so here is an update on everything WARNING I wrote this in word so it is going to be a RichardS type of post.
    Got the rim and tire at the dealer now, getting mounted (they are also taking care of the bearings and even offered to swap the rotor and pulley off the old tire when I bring it in, no extra charge for the latter).
    Reminder, call Zanotti when placing an order through them, since I forgot to order the wheel mounting kit, so added 70 bucks more to my tire mounting and balancing.
    With that all underway it was time to increase my tools, got the Sears Craftsman Pro jack (thanks Smitty), torque wrench and a few more that I just picked up yesterday thanks to the manual not being that specific. Also added the Dyna Lift adapters, I was not a fan of the 2x4 piece fixes to make it work, although I am sure it would. Now for where I am at.
    Oh, one more thing, found a screw in the front tire on Sunday, so that had to come off the bike so I can bring it with me when I pick up the rear to be repaired or replaced.
    Got the bike on the lift, I’ll post some pics later. In general the lift works, but was a bit nerve racking for me. Kickstand on the Dyna is in the way, had to keep it up to get the jack under the bike (I don’t like that at all) but in general, while the bike does shake a bit while up there it is sturdy, even while I was pulling tires off and such, no fear that it was going to fall. Been sitting up there (in the locked position now) since yesterday afternoon without any problems. I’ll post some picks of the lift, so other Dyna owners can see how it works, have to try again to see if there is any way to keep the kickstand down too.
    First, I took off the front wheel or attempted too :). Read the manual first here. You need a 10mm, 12pt socket to remove the front caliper. You also need a #5 metric hex wrench for the axle cap (only metric I think on the bike) I couldn’t believe it. Follow the manual here, it is pretty straightforward and all comes off just as it says.
    Now onto the back, you need a adjustable wrench or a 1 and I believe ¼ inch socket for the axle nut back here. I had to go purchase the socket last night so I can use the torque wrench on it when I put it back together. Again, the manual here is great. The only thing I did not worry about was the brake instructions, I just slid the wheel off of the brake pads, pretty easy.

    1 – Remove the guards, top and bottom.
    2 – Remove the axle nut and the spring clip
    3 – Loosen the top of the shock on both sides, and then remove the bottom nut (this is a pain the locktite 243 is some sticky stuff. Be ready when you get the 2nd one off the tire will fall quickly if you are not careful
    4 – Remove the axle (Rubber mallet, long screw driver did the trick here
    5 – Slide the rotor out from between the pads, remove the belt, waalaa

    Overall, not too bad. I am no expert wrencher, and am quite happy I was able to do this. Total time probably took me about 90 minutes, and that is learning how to use the jack and constantly referring back to the manual. I’ll post some pics of the jack and the under part of the fender hopefully tonight or tomorrow.
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    Although my dyna is a bit older than yours a 94 and my lift is a different one ive found if i remove the side stand spring the i get enough clearance to get the lift in for a good clean lift
    ive got a small pot of washers on standby to assist in the replacement of the spring
    sidestand needs to be up to fit and remove spring
    its a pain but only takes a few minuts to do
    i use the lift under the front of the frame to hold the bike upright and steady while fumbling with the spring