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    :(Hi guys,

    I am Abdullah from SAUDI ARABIA and I am 27 years old.

    I don't have bike until now( new one ), but I went to our dealer in my area to ask him about softail FATBOY and he said some things I confused about it.

    He said '' First, I have to buy SPORTSTER 883 to learn riding and driving skills and have Experience to be good biker. After that I can choose a bike I want to buy it ''

    The reason for his words because I am a new member and I have not ride any bike before.

    But, If I agree with him I have to buy 2 times to choose my bike and it is waste of money.

    What is your opinion for my situation ? I like FATBOY but i don't know I'll confortable with it or not
    (( sorry if my English not very well ))
  2. 01dynaglide

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    I understand his point about getting use to riding before you get on a Fatboy. Start with something smaller and work your way up. Harley has a deal were you can trade your sportster in for MSD. That is not a bad deal. However it is your money and you can do what you want to with it. Get the Sportster to see if you like riding and get use to it then trade it in for a Fatboy. That is my .02 cents worth.
  3. glider

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    I wouldn't bother with a sportster for starters if you have never ridden before. I would get something in the range of about a 350CC bike that is cheap to buy and practice on that. The cost would be minimal and you could probably resell it for about what you paid once you learn to ride and buy the fatboy then.
  4. TQuentin1

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    One final suggestion to go with those above, are there any motorcycle riding training facilities there in The Kingdom that you could attend to learn the basics without having to learn "the hard way"? It would still be a good idea to get a cheap (used) lower cc bike to practice on and improve your skills. I learned to ride on a Kawasaki KZ-400 many years ago. But it will not take too long with some regular practice to be ready for the HD. The large displacement, low center of gravity bikes like the Fatboy and Low Rider are in fact easy to ride.

    All the best.

  5. Tommy LT

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    Don't buy the sportser...Rent some different bikes and determine which fits you the best. Why buy 2 bikes? Maybe the salesperson wants to double their commission!
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    My very first bike was a Fatboy but I didn take a riders course and learned the basics on a small bike Yamaha 250.
  7. Flashback

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    Welcome to the forum and the world of riding. That said the suggestions above are the way to go start small (and cheap) to learn and see if you are going to like it once you feel ready spend your dinars on the Fatboy.
  8. mrkihn

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    I also agree with Glider
    Get yourself a used small bike first and learn how to ride it good then when you are very comfortable on it, then go look at a Fatboy.
    Safety and being able to handle a bike is more important then what the bike looks like that you are riding
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    I guess it is possible...... But..........hmmmm
  10. Riviera Reg

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    Welcome to the Forum Abdullah. Consider first developing your riding skills on a smaller, inexpensive motorcycle as suggested, then work your way up to a larger bike like a Harley-Davidson. I think it's safe to say that many of the members of this forum started out on a smaller motorcycles.

    Best advice I can give a new rider is always "Respect the Motorcycle"