I always use Amsoil But!

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    Guys in my 07 which I had head work and a woods cam I ran st 60 wt always. One time they were out of 60 wt and I went with 20/50. during skill practice were we run our bikes hot with the 20/50 I was having trouble with restart, Never happened with the 60 wt. Now my Question is with the oil cooler in the 2011 103 should I use the 60 wt or the 20/50, I live in Miami 90* everyday. In a couple of weeks Ill have to make a decision, thanks allot guys do we have any Amsoil experts on here.
  2. Jack Klarich

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    I run 20/50 here in Florida year round, you should not have any problems with it:s
  3. Bodeen

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    +1 on the 20/50 here in Fla.

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    The problem I have with single weight oils is how about a long trip? If you travel in the spring or fall you may experience temperature swings of below freezing to 85-90 degrees. What do you do then? Multi weight oils are the answer and synthetics are best. Too much chance of 60 weight not being correct for temps.
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    Top why would you get mad about your choice of oil? I think your choice is a great choice!