How to mount full sized flag

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by blueeyes0811, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. blueeyes0811

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    Any suggestions on how to mount a full sized flag on a Street Glide?
  2. Redfish-Joe

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    Looking at you avatar it looks like you gave a luggage rack. I made a mount for a luggage rack that would hold a 3x5 flag at speeds up to 45mph with no problems. I will post pics soon. BTW the mount will not work on my present bike so I cannot show it mounted.
  3. HD-Enthusiast

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    Depends on how fast you plan to ride with the flag mounted and at what angle...:42:
  4. ksboy

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    ebay has quite a few different flag mounting brackets for motorcycles.
  5. 66cruiser

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    a short section of pvc pipe zip tied to the luggage rack.
  6. Delmar

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    The strongest method would be a two-point mount. The upper bracket you will have to buy and mount to your luggage rack.

    The lower bracket could be taken from a Police bagger and are available on eBay. They are meant to hold a light bar but will be a sturdy mount for a flag.

  7. Jammr

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  8. Butch

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    And at freeway speed you'll watch ol' glory wave from the grill of the vehicle behind...pvc pole and all.

    For a holder I was fortunate enough to get in on a group buy of some custom made ones, although there are holders aplenty available on the interweb.

    For the pole I refused to fork over a hundred bucks per pole.

    I made 2 poles. (adjust the ingredients for your needs) I used 1 inch thick walled conduit which had threaded ends. Bought 2 six foot lengths, cut them in half, flipped the ends so the threaded ends are together and used an in-line coupler to connect the 2 sections when in use.

    Drilled holes in the poles and used D-rings for the flag mounts on the poles - I run 3x5's so the rings are 3' apart (A D-ring mounted to a locakabe (by ziptie) lower ring slid over the pole could be used for varying sized flags). I attached some flag hooks to the flag grommets (to attach to the D-rings). Topped the whole she-bang off with some faux brass flagpole balls from an online flag supply place.

    Rubbed it down with some steel-wool for a little shine and viola...

    Two flag poles that broke down to 3 foot sections and cost me a total of about 20 bucks.

    Bought a old surplus signalmans bag at the local army navy and I have a handy carring case.

    I've ran them at speeds in excess of 50mph with no probs and they get lotsa looks!
  9. Butch

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    Good advice.
    While mine are built heavy duty and are also firmly anchored to the holder with steel locking pins, I've only run these at 50+ mph highway speed as part of an honor escort, and for only several miles. With full sized flags, you will also notice a very different handling of the bike no matter what the speed.