How to deal with a Breakdown?

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    Having experianced a tire failure this past weekend (i'm a new bike owner)(darn rookies)... I had issues getting help to get my bike home (4 hours)... I was wondering how you have dealt with breakdowns when on the road? I was only 3 miles from home.... It was 7pm on a Saturday / Holiday weekend...
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    Never had to deal with one on the bike except when I laid one down 30 years ago. Called a neighbor that time and he picked up the bike in his pickup truck. I keep the names and numbers of several members of the MC club I belong to in my cell phone. If I can get a ride home I have a small trailer that I use to haul my quad when I hunt. The bike will fit in the trailer.
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    Cell phone with the names of my friends, dealers, etc. has always worked for me. Even if the people I call can't help me directly, they can often call someone else who can.
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    If you don't know anyone with a bike trailer, pick up some of the cards at the counter next time you go to your local HD Dealership. There is bound to be a card or two from folks that do "towing" service specifically for bikes. Bit pricey, but WAY cheaper than having your bike fall off the plank your buddy Bubba thinks will be a "piece of cake" getting the bike up and into the bed of the pickup. However, if you do go the "Bubba" route, tie the bike down in every conceivable direction so it looks like a large spider thought it was a bug.

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    In Canada I use CAA RV PLUS, but you can get AAA RV PLUS. They do bike pickups in many areas. My bike broke down in Mich once and I called AAA and they came out with a flat bed truck and took me back to the border. I then had to call CAA in Canada and they sent another truck from Canada to Mich to pick me up and take me home. Total distance was about 150 miles. Total cost NOTHING. Cann't beat that deal.
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    My wife works for Progressive Ins and thats who the scoot is insured thru. I have roadside coverage that will get me transported one way. Don't be afraid to get involved with securing the bike, no ones gonna be as careful as you would be, especially after you just interupted some dudes BBQ:reyes
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    I have an issue with securing the bike. If something happens to the bike in transit would the agent deny liabilty. I would supervise but I don't think I would help. When my bike was being unloade from the tilt and load I was on the deck with the bike. There was some antifreeze on the deck and I was starting to lose control of the bike while the operator was winching the bike down. Fortuneatly we got it unloaded with no problems but it got me to thinking of liabilty if I had dropped it or lost control and the bike slid down the deck on its side.
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    One think you should consider is either if a member of HOG, the towing plan might bail you out if your near a town with a HD dealership. The other thing woul d be to add the towing insurance rider on your biek insurance. It's not expensive but worth every dollar if you have a problem. Finally, a tire repair kit may be enough to get you back home from 3 miles away. I've heard of folks running plugged tires 8k more miles after the plug but I think I'd just replace the tire. If you call for a tow, make sure the towing company is experienced in towing bikes, Saw one guy just lay a crotch rocket right over on the side and chained it down. I would not have been happy.

    Ride safe

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