How to choose a camshaft

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    I'm at a total loss. I have an 02 FLHTC with a 95 inch kit and have purchased the new cam plate kit with the hydraulic tensioners. (part no. 25284-08) I cannot figure out what cams to get ( not performance wise, but fit wise.) I see different chain sprockets on the different cams. I think I need the wider sprocket cams, but not sure. I would like to choose Andrews cams but all the pictures I see have the skinny sprockets. So I guess I would need a different chain. And where does one get that? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Depends what you bought. With the part number you listed, you also need the parts shown here:

    You will need to swap out the bearings and press new bearings in the new plate. Then you will need to decide if you want to reuse your existing cams, or up-grade to a different grind. Below is the Andrews Products catalog. It describes the various cams (TW) available from them, and the application for each (see page 11).

    I suggest getting a new silent chain for the inside of the plate to drive the new cams. You could reuse your old chain, but if you are going through all this effort, you should probably go with new parts.

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    I agree with TQ, go for the whole package; that is, use all new parts for the upgrade. When I did my '99 Ultra, I went with Andrews 26N cams. These come on about 1800 rpm and are done by 4000. Good midrange power and torque. I added a TFI unit and a Big Sucker air cleaner to complete the package . The bike already had a set of V&H slip ons. Since my old tensioners were toast, the upgrade was out of necessity, but that being said, I am happy with the results. There are numerous articles in this forum that should help you out. Good luck...
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    Thanks for the replies, I think I have it figured out now.