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  1. gunnut

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    On Plymouth Hoe,stands a large war memorial,with large bronze plaques bearing the names of the vallient fallen.Can you believe some slimey,dispicable piece of thieving excrement has ripped off some of the plaques!!!??? All those men and women made the ultimate sacrifice ......for nothing!
  2. Apyle

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    For what reason, It's about like people smashing headstones here. Why would you do something like that.
  3. Dr. Dolittle

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    The acts of a desperate few do not diminish the heroic sacrifices made by those honored at this memorial. Perhaps a well worded editorial in a local paper can get a movement started to replace the plaques, but with something less valuable and enticing this time.
  4. Thunder horse

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    We have a statue locally here that the kids spray paint on a yearly basis. What is this world coming to?
  5. Joyflyin

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    The scum will usually steal that stuff, then put it in a big box amongst stuff to sell, therefore making it hard for the buyer to identify the actual contents. There are scumbags in OH & WV stealing the brass vases for the flowers from local cemetaries. A lot of recycling centers are requiring a photo ID & a current utility bill with an address that matches the other info & the local PD's will contact the center for information after theft has been reported. People are also crawling under houses and cutting out the copper that was used for the plumbing.
  6. TQuentin1

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    In feudal Japan, the country was a patch-work quilt of warlord rulers that had armies of Samurai who maintained their stronghold on their territory. The Samurai ruled the populus with an iron fist with the penalty for almost any infraction being instant death at the hand of the Samurai sword. Consequently, there was very little petty crime.

    In today's Nannystate, there is almost no penalty for the lawless. In Texas, a man attempts to stop two home invaders from stealing his neighbor's possessions. Confronted by the perpetrators, he shoots both of them with a 12 gauge shotgun killing them. The Grand Jury declines to indict the man for murder. Yet Fox News' Judge Napolitano opines that they should have been tried for murder - these two individuals that were here in the United States illegally, committing a crime against the home of an American by stealing the American home owner's possession are the victims! Unbelievable!!

    Any wonder why the plaques are gone?

  7. Apyle

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    I heard about that, I probably would have done the same thing for my neighbors, and I would hope they would do the same for me.
  8. Apyle

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    I think I would have to deal out a complete butt kicking if anyone ever brought me one of the veteran's plaques. I've been raised to be respectful and that type of thing I find absolutely sickening.
  9. Buzzy

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    Our legal system operates on a premise that if used on a puppy dog would result in the animal never being housebroken. Let the beatings commence.