How far can a Harley go?

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    With cars these days easily handling 200,000 or more miles, I was wondering how a Harley would compare when the miles start adding up. I know Harley has the engine rebuild option available but how many miles can a well maintained harley engine go before needing a total overhaul? Has anybody on this site pushed the limits of what a Harley is capable of? Just Curious
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    There is a lot of factors to be included for a reasonable answer. The bottom line is amount of maintenance and taking care of a problem when first noticed to insure longevity. Also how aggressively is bike ridden? You will find many older Harley still running today that are from 60+ years ago.
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    Even back in the AMF days the Troubleheads as I called The Shovelhead could be made to go 50k easily, before needing a top end job, The lower ends of the V twins are pretty much trouble free with the minor exception of the crank issues tho not all of the motors seem to be troubled by this one
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    I would never compare a fixed temperature water cooled engine to an air cooled 96 & 103's. Looking how easy it is to completely toast a water cooled engine by loosing a stupid $10 rad hose it makes me realize cooling is everything.

    We are all sharks. Stop moving and we die.:)
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    Met a guy in Michigan last year who has 250,000 miles on a Twin cam 88. It all depends on maintence.
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    I don't know but keep watching this site and I'll tell you when I'm finished riding mine, 70,000 and going strong.
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    The Safeety Officer in our HOG Chapter has over 130,000 on his Road Glide right now, and piling it on at a 40K/year clip. Should have an answer shortly.
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    Its more about how long can YOU last before doing something to the motor? My guess is that the average Harley owner cycle of life is as follows. Buy first Harley brand new. A Sportster. Within 6 months trade in for a Dyna. Within a month buy bolt on trim "Live to Ride" chrome. Two months later,,, intake and pipes. A year later buy softail or Tour bike to ride two up on, and strip down the dyna for a solo bike. I bet the average first motor modification come in at about 18,000 miles...
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    Gentlemen Please.....

    Quoting just miles without knowing the service history or knowing what has been done to the engine is meaningless.

    True story,
    I once had a VW Type 1 Beetle 1600 that I purchased Brand New in 1973. I drove it till it had 336,000 miles on the engine. I NEVER split the case once, but I probably installed 4 or 5 new sets of cylinders, pistons and heads on that engine. The crank and cam were factory original and were never touched. Can I claim I drove a Beetle for 336.000 miles? Yes I can. Can I claim the engines are bullet-proof and last forever? No I can not, unless I want to kid myself.