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    Ive seen in many posts the recomendation of the use of heat to remove this or that.In my line of work we discovered a tool some years ago that is extremely handy for many purposes where heat is required but a torch would do more harm than good.Its called the Inductor and believe me when I say its amazing what this thing can do.From glass removal to heating up a pick up bed bolt cherry red right next to a gas tank with no heat dispurtion.I know some of the members work on bikes for a living so I figured Id post this if they werent aware of this tool.There are many versions from very pricy to affordable for the home garage.We have the Max 4 version at our shop and we love it.

    Induction Innovations, Inc. :: Product Demo
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    Sounds neat what do something like those run just a guess? Since i didnt see any prices
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    We used induction heaters for bearing removal and installation where heat was required. Found it to be a much more controllable source than doing it with a torch. Much less chance of damaging expensive bearings or parts during assembly.
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    Paid $900 for the Max 4 but it comes with glass,mld pad,nut and rosebud attachments.They make the small version for just heating nuts.I'll check with my supplier on that one.They are 110 so they plug in anyware.
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    Heres an old school way which I still use if I'm to close to a tank,or I don't want to distort tin. If you have a stick welder hook up the ground (welder off) then take the electrode and hold it firmly on the head of the bolt (use at least a 5/32 rod) set the amperage on the welder to 140 and turn on the welder If your not close enough have someone else do it.When the bolt it heated shut off the machine. For those of us that live in cold climates this also works on frozen water pipes ground on one end electrobe on the other.Just a footnote on a bike or car ground as close as possible to where you are working and always disconnect the battery:D
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    we use the old welder trick on our dc motors to remove moisture. theres a fine line between just enough and disaster. works when time is money though.