HOOAH! To the Patriot Guard

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  1. cossak

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    I think the PG showed remarkable restraint by not riding through them.

    Here is the link:

    Christian Veterans Protect the Funeral of a Fallen Soldier

    He may have died for their right to Free Speach but mouthing off at his family during his funeral is way out of bounds in my book.

    Those people need a lesson in manners.
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  2. gasbag

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    re: HOOAH! To the Patriot Guard

    Maybe a lesson in respect, pride in our country, a dozen other things.
    I have no idea what went wrong with those people.
    I can't even begin to express my contempt.
    It is just flat out sad.

    I am a member of the Patriot Guard in my area.
    I cannot imagine showing anything but respect for our fallen soldiers.
  3. Dr.Evil

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    re: HOOAH! To the Patriot Guard

    Nice link, good report, almost no time spent with the lunatics on camera.

    God hates drug dealers, they should go down to mexico and protest.
  4. Rubyred

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    re: HOOAH! To the Patriot Guard

    This really upsets me. I tried once to approach these people and the police protecting them kept me away. I just can't figure these people out, I put them in the same category as those who spit, swore and called us all kinds of things when I came home from Nam! The police kept us at bay then also! I don't hold anything against the police they were doing their jobs but so were my brother soldier, sailors, marines and airmen! Thanks all for your service!!
  5. Jack Klarich

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    re: HOOAH! To the Patriot Guard

    America, home of the FREE, but not at the expense of a grieving family, this is getting to be too much and IMO The Civil Liberties Union is living on borrowed time defending these people who want to degrade and embarrass those in their grief
  6. deucedog

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    Bunch of weird goonies in my opinion. I wish they'd drink their Kool-Aid and be done with it.

    I joined the PGR to help control those nut jobs. Going on a mission in a few hours. It's an interesting feeling. You go to help others and you end up feeling good yourself. You'll never see so many 'tough' bikers with red and watery eyes in one place.
  7. bcortani

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    It sickens me that thsoe that flout the right to express themselves condemn the very ones who are still fighting to give them that freedom. keep politics and funerals separate. Kudo's to the new caster, they actually put the grievers and the pg in a positive light.
  8. wilks3

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    Thats why I joined. 4 sad missions....but 1 GREAT WELCOME HOME mission,....
    ...and eyes were red & watery, but GRINNING ear to ear!!!
    Ride Safe!!!
    wilks3 :D
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  9. Tin Can

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    I just got home from a 12 day trip for The Run For The Wall.. There were a lot of great vets that were PG on that trip. They do a very good job for the families of fallen war hero's....
  10. R_W_B

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    Hmmm for some reason the video is freezing on my machine twice, and I look at all kinds of videos on YouTube. In any case I've seen many of this type so I can imagine what is taking place.

    Soldiers fighting and some dying, sadly (for lack of better word) it has always been and I suspect always will. Just a fact of life, as is the fact that there will probably always be wacko's of some sort showing disrespect. Whether it be at the airport when Viet Nam soldiers returned to California, or today's Westboro followers.

    As far as the Patriot Guard, yes they serve a very good purpose not only to recent KIAs but also to old Vets passing thru their last part of the journey here on earth. I have seen first hand all that the PGR does, which includes (but not limited to) flaglines of respect and ceremony, welcoming home to injured Vets, escorting funeral processions (some with and some without police assistance) and just being there whenever called.

    Sometimes when it's your turn to secure an intersection and you pull out of formation and sit there with your hand up watching the oncoming traffic, you wonder how they will react since you are not a policeman with no flashing lite etc. But as soon as they see the flag on the back of your bike they sometimes will flash their lights back at you signifying a salute to the fallen one. It makes you feel like they are also there with you in spirit for the soldiers funeral. Yep most folks still love a Vet, it's only a small number of wackos.

    And when you think about the all the communications (mostly done thru email) coordinations etc etc going down with such a huge nationwide organization it amazing to me how they pull it off so well over and over again. And all upaid volunteer effort, time, flags and gas.

    As the Army says Hooah, and as the Marines say Hoorah to the PGR standing behind those that answer and have answered the call.

    The war is never over, we each must choose the bullets we will use for each battle.