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    Anybody got any suggestions as what to plug the holes with on a tour pak where the speakers and back rest are when removed? The speaker holes are big at 9/16 inch and there are six of them. The back rest holes are 3/8 inch. I've tried the hardware store and they didn't have anything that big or that small. A bunch bigger stuff though. And even looking online I any found one place that has something that MIGHT work so I've got that ordered. But you got any suggestions of what I might want to bolt in those locations. I'm thinking maybe some amber reflectors for the speaker holes but I'm drawing a blank on the backrest. So you got any ideas? I ride solo so don't need or want the stuff there. Just gets in my way.
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    Ive seen individuals that used the tour pac as their back rest. This way you wouldnt have to plug any of it.

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    There are a lot of different license plate bolts that might work. My lic. plate is held on by chrome bar & shield head bolts. Also, my Lowes hardware section has chrome plugs in many sizes like the black ones in above link.
    harley license plate bolts in Accessories | eBay
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    Iv'e ordered something similar to that but it's for material that's 1/16 inch thick. Was hoping some clear silicon sealant might hold it in place. This company has it for thicker stuff but I don't see a way to register so you can order it but will see if I can give them a call. Thanks

    I don't like a backrest so this option won't work for me. Thanks though.

    If the above suggestions don't work I'll look at this. Thanks