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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by hotrodjohn, Sep 12, 2010.

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    I noticed a small hole in my seat today. I would like to repair it before it gets bad but how?

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    Hotrodjohn, the key here is what material is it...if vinyl, it is usually fabric backed, so it looks like the vinyl finished layer was "skinned"...a good upholstery shop can recoat and repair if the cloth behind was not "punctured or threads not severed and probably match it so repair would be invisible.

    There are some plastic/vinyl repair kits with "grain" texture pads to emulate the finish and colored palate of vinyl coat/paint for the do-it-yourselfer, just do not know how good a match you can do with those products, some use heat to cure, others also use a chemical reaction w/gap filling adhesive which may bond to the fabric underneath better...
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    Yeah, I got a small tear at the nose of my seat I have been thinking of how to repair. I am not ready to buy a seat yet as I just havent seen one (or sat on one) that works better than the stock unit enough to spend the $400 plus. Mine does go through the fabric backing so I think the only way for me to do this is a good vinyl repair kit. I may try the local foam shop as they do seat recovers....Perhaps I will have them redo the seat this winter like stock but with a little better foam....good luck to you on your repair..I'll watch for how you get yours addressed..

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    go to a good used car lot and ask who they use to repair their upholstery..some of those vinyl repair guys do awesome work..
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    I got a hole about the same size in just about the same spot on my 2006 after it was about a year old. I went to the auto parts store and spent $9.99 on a vinyl repair kit. It came with 12 different colors and 6 different textures. I only need black and smooth. I took it home and experimented on an old kitchen chair. I followed the directions clearly and it came out pretty good so I gave it a try on the seat and it came out even better (you've really got to follow the instructions, but it was fairly simple).

    I was happy with the way it turned out, and was confident if I had any more vinyl repairs I was equipped to handle them. If you knew where the spot was and zeroed in on it you could tell there was a little dab of something, but otherwise it was unnoticeable. It held up until I traded the bike in at the dealer for my 2009.

    One last bit of advice, when following the instructions, dont get aggressive and think if a little will work, a little more will work even better or you'll end up with a noticeable lump that you will have to remove and do a larger repair. The instructions are pretty clear and easy to follow.

    Good luck! I know you can do it, and I'm certain you will be happy.
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    Thanks for the great advice Gas Gauge.
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    +1 from me to, good to know