Hogwire amp - speakers???

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by 89 FXRS, Feb 14, 2010.

  1. 89 FXRS

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    Was looking for some insite about hogwire amps as well as their speakers - the part that I like is that the amp fits inside the fairing - but would like to know how well it works - any feedback would be great - or if you know of something better as long as it fits inside the fairing (can't afford to lose any space in the saddle bags /girlfriend cries about not enough space as it is) maybe the reason I need an amp is because of her loud crying drowning out the tunes LOL LOL
  2. Iceman24

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    Don't have the amp, but upgraded my SG speakes to Hogtunes & there's a definite difference in sound quality & volume. I'm not one to really over-crank the tunes anymore, but I'm sure there are other forum members who can provide good feedback on the amp.
  3. glyd-n

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    I have the hog tunes speakers and amp and it is a definite improvement over stock. The amp is mounted in the fairing and the system is plug & play. Just from what I have read, the Hawg wired system is more powerful, but cost is about 3 times as much.
  4. Animal

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    I have the amp. hooked up to the lowers and the tweeter pod and the original stereo running the 4 speakers in the fairing and in the back. All of it is Hogtunes and I love the sound it puts out.
  5. H4U30

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    Check out Hawg Wired, I was going to go with Hogtunes until I did some research. If you have after market pipes and want loud, clear music then Hawg Wired is the way to go. If its a stock bike and you just want a little louder then Hogtunes will work. Check out this link I was very impressed how clear it was.
    YouTube - Hawg-Wired Amp on 09 Harley CVO Road Glide
  6. subpelon

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    H4U30...where did you get the ipod holder and mount? Bike looks and sounds great.
    I also have a pair of HAWG Wired speakers with an amp and it sounds great.
  7. Dr. Dolittle

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    Not trying to be a "killjoy" to use a term my wife loves, but anything sounds better than stock when sitting in the garage with the motor not running! The true test is out on the road, with your helmet on, earplugs in, and pipes of your choice rumbling.
  8. Pipes17

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    I went with the hawg wire plug and play amp unit along with their fairing speakers and then added the hog tunes tweeter pod.................I LOVE IT! I was going to go with the hog tunes as I am Canadian and like to support our country but the hawg wire blew the competition out of the water for sound quality and volume....JMO.
  9. H4U30

    H4U30 Member

    Subpelon that is not my bike, I just came across that video when checking out the hawg wired systems.