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    Recently installed HogTunes front speakers and amp. along with the replacement rear speakers on my 2000 Ultra. Sounds awesome compared to stock. Not possible to go full volume, it hurts the ears!! Bought thru Rideshack. Good price and great service via e-mails. Sadly after about 6 seeks the amp. went out. Only 10 days after problem started, I had new amp. in hand with instructions and box to return the old unit. With 1 year warranty on the amp. and 20 years on the speakers, how can you go wrong! Also e-mailed Pez at HogTunes a couple of times on the problem and he was a pleasure to work with. Both HogTunes and Rideshack highly recommended.:D
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    I have the full 8 speaker set of Hogtunes on my 05 Ultra and love the sound it produces. With my MP3 player plugged in I'm good for an all day ride. Being from Canada I sure love this company and tell everyone about it.