Hoggin' The Bridge - UK

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    Hey, has anyone been to or planning on going this year?


    I'd be interested to know what it's like - the ride through Wales and how you found it was organised generally. I'm sure it's worth going (it's for charity at the end of the day) but I'll have a fair ride to get there if I go!

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    I'll be going agaijn this year,its well organised,the police shut one lane of the motorway to all traffic except us,the run ends in Chepstow,where the town is closed to all other traffic.Theres bands playing and stall with goodies .Its a good day.
    We normally travel up to Taunton on the Sat,and catch Taunton carnival parade ,terrific floats,goes on forever!Stay at Holiday inn express overnite.
    Theres at least 6-8ooo bikes taking part,and like you said,it raises a ton of cash for charity.If youre there,look out for mee,I have a long plait pony tail,and on my vest is my "German Jon"name tag.You can buy me a coffee even!! Seriously,enjoy your day,its a good one!

    Forgot to mention,people are standing at theroadside the whole way to Chepstow.The kids hold thier hands out so you can hi five em as you go by,even the parents hold the little ones up so they can get in the fun.
    Before anyone gets concerned,the speeds are very much on the slow side,and no one has ever been hurt in the slightest.
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