Highway Pegs ?

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by AZDave, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. AZDave

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    After owning my Heritage this past year it has been a real learning curve. I guess its all the options you have to add stuff to make her your own, and all the places where you can buy it. My stage 1 is done so I was looking at highway pegs. There must be 200 types all in pictures or on the racks none you can try to see how they fit your legs and feet. I know the problem it's me. I am the type that will want to add this or that untill it's just right then watch, I will want to buy another bike. :D So, do you have the heal rest on your pegs? Do you need the ones that adjust 6 different ways? Sure glad you are all out there to ask.

    DANNY MC Active Member

    AZDave you sound like me,i take it you have the engine guards on,if so i also wondered were my highway pegs would go,to save me annoyingly changing the position and angle everytime i went out....my engine guard was the old round classic style to go with the look of the bike,(i also have 09 Heritage)but it also meant my pegs could pretty much only go in one place because of the guard shape,they are spot on and fixed,i didnt oversea the fixing but the guy at the service desk was my height so he made sure they were ok..and they are,there not something i will use for hours on end,just a bit of respite or to stretch out,Danny Mc
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    Hi Danny,I have the larger guard so I would have more room to adjust whatever I bought, but now like everything that goes on the bike which ones do I buy. I am looking forward to Bike Week here in Phoenix. It is a great time to look at what other have done. I have met a number of riders that say "I like what I added buy if it just" I am trying to avoid that staement.
  4. geezer

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    I also have the old round engine guards and I didn't buy the fancy angled peg mounts so I'm limited to how I can set them but found out when I got them where they felt the best that's the only place to have them. I don't use them very often anyway.

    DANNY MC Active Member

    My pegs match my grips/foot controls and altered footboards (diamond pattern) so if you have also done these mods it would look good if you kept the same theme....imho....p.s someone will always like a different style and say "if it just had this or that it would" if your happy thats all that counts mate...hope you find something good Dave:D
  6. TXMikey

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    I got pegs that matched my footboards (streamliner), and angled them so I can use the front of the footboard to rest my heels, with the toes on the highway pegs, or put the foot up on the pegs. it essentially gives me 3 positions without having to readjust. I also made sure the mounting location looked good when folded up.
  7. TQuentin1

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  8. softailhog

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    I did the very same thing on my Heritage. Resting the heels on the footboards seems to be the most comfortable for me even though I am
    6'2". Having the pegs look good folded up was paramount to me since they
    are in that position 95% of the time.
  9. Road King 1

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    I bought the adjustable mounts just in case. I'm glad i did. You can put just about any peg of your choice on them.
  10. NEWHD74FAN

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    Highway pegs can be mounted with simple "P" clamps, and with HD male mount compatiblility, fits a wide variety of HD pegs which is certainly a good thing if you have HD Grips and pegs you want to match.


    You may also opt for a multi-position, adjustable angles with variety of mounting styles featured in the HD Parts and Accessories catalog, available in various lengths, viewable for "free" at you dealer...be careful, it could be the start of something "viral" :newsmile093: