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    I ride a 2007 Street Glide, installed Cobra duels, Free flow air intake, and Cobra Fi2000 chip.
    For this chip you disconnect the two Oxy sensors. When ordering the chip comes pre-tuned for your bike with the upgrades you tell them so its basically a plug & play tuner.
    After two years Im experiencing HIGH idles 3000rpm+ . I have to turn off the bike several time b4 it stops and runs normal, just replaced fuel filter and check valve with pick up, it ran great for 4 months. Then this past weekend it started again.

    I feel that there is a sensor going bad but which one MAP, Manifold, Crankshaft??? Our to play it safe replace all three???

    If any one has a suggestion on what my problem could be please send a e-mail.
  2. Harttoo

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    I would pull the tuner first. Re -connect O2 sensors and ride.
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    Clean the IAC.
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