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    Hello to all. Just few words about me. 60 year'sold, just retired, I have been riding bikes since I was 12 (a motoped "stollen" to a school friend) and never ended. I have had a bouches of bikes starting with italian historical companies (Gilera, Motobi, Aermacchi AMTF, and no Ducati) and ending with BMW and Hd. Actually I have to Dyna (beloved 1340 fxdl , and a centenary FXDX) both with some light mods (cammes, breather, carbs mufflers etc: they run well and cold) and a BMW airhead R100R mostly stock.
    I wrench themy bikes mostly by myself (else If ai am not a mechanic and probably would not be able to do a complete motor overhaul, but I am upp with most tasks) and recentlly in the Club I have with two mates (real mechanics both). I ride those bikes all over the year (abot 30mila km years) and once or twice a yare I have a run on others countries in europe. And since ten years I always join with my girlfriend (...ok, my old chick :)) the European Bike fest in Faaker See (Austria).
    Thatt's all, thank for reading
    nd sorry for eventula mispelling and bad english
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    Welcome to The Forum:rider:wce
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    Welcome from Floirda!

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    Glad to have you aboard! :ws:rider
    From Central Florida.
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    ciao e benvenuto al forum :bigsmiley12:

    anche io abito a Roma, mi chiamo Frank, er Irlandese Volante ha ha ha.. possedo una Roadster da 2008..

    buona strada e ride safe, F
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    Welcome to HDTalking from Middle Tn