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  1. Whittle

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    Does the 1200L normally have a reserve fuel switch?
  2. Whittle

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    2008 it was registered
  3. Iceman24

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    Whittle; I know HD makes a fuel gage for your 08 (part# 75031-09/black & part# 75338-09/chrome), but they're $250.:newsmile093:

    Mounts on bars & gives visual fuel level - might be worth a look.
  4. Chopper

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    On the new fuel injected XL's the low fuel lamp acts as the reserve, instead of reaching down and turning a valve, then looking for a gas station, now you just look for a gas station when the low fuel light comes on, it's better then trying to find the fuel valve while you're in heavy traffic with cars behind you.
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    Ditto here , cant depend on exactly when that little gas pump light comes on

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    New 2010 catalog has a nice digital blue fuel guage complete kit on page 111 you can retrofit any Fuel Injected Sportsters '07-present which replaces the idiot light sensor in the tank and the master cylinder cover with black or chrome.


    Wish it would work on my carb based Sportster (no electricals compartment to retrofit sender) and a bit spendy at $249, but discounted 20% would be a plus (most HD dealers have specials on stocking or internet item sales) as I saw a black one locally. :newsmile093: :small3d029:
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  7. SportyHawg

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    Don't miss the choke that came with the reserve! (Although I did like the sound of the engine...)

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    BACK in 1995, I rode a black sport 883 converted to 1200 @ 10.5/1 pistons / 883 heads. A beautiful bike.......

    While sputtering out of gas and noticing the GOOD mileage,,, INSTEAD of 86 I got 102 miles on a REAL PEANUT TANK..... and KNOWING my reserve was not TURNED ON YET...... I reaching down and turned the RESERVE ON and NOTHING********* PULLED over LOOKING INTO TANK and listening while leaning it to the left...OUT OF GAS..... TOTALLY OUT OF GAS....... BUGGERS!

    MY LONG BLOND hair would of stopped any GUY thinking I was a GAL in need of HELP........ and several people (family types) SLOWED but pulled away seeing the FRONT of me.. As I SPORTED A LONG FULL BLACK BEARD... THAT beard hampered what HELP many were willing to extend while looking at my backside...... THIS being WASHINGTON NOT SAN-FRAN ... I just waited

    Finally a logger crummy filled with jeering but friendly (HD) guys pulled out their SAW GAS and gave me a gal or so... ENOUGH to get me OFF the busy highway and into a filling station 15 miles away......

    THAT IS WHEN I NOTICED IT....... MY BIKE NEVER RAN BETTER...... THE SAW GAS mixed with oil BEAT the 92 octane gas I NEEDED to run that bike... A little SMOKEY but POWER and NO NOCK...

    That is when I started carrying KEROSENE in a PINT plastic bottle.... Using it MOSTLY when I got some BAD or MIS-MARKED gas and not the 92 I needed... IT WORKED and was a very cheap anti-knock remedy...

    OH YES,,,

    The PROBLEM turned out to be from SYPHONING GAS out of the HD for the lawn-mower, i bumped OFF the tube on the main tank valve, DRAINING TANK completely while reserve was STILL in correct position.... so much for good mileage..

    I ALWAYS GASED AT 86 MILES AND STARTED LOOKING FOR A STATION AT 56 MILES on the odometer... When you ride a TRUE PEANUT TANK, you get to KNOW every gas station location.... and FILL EARLY like @ every one you pass after 50 mi. when in UN-KNOWN AREAS...

    MAN do i like my 6 gal tank!!! 09 FLHR

  9. sprinkman

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    Love the gas light if its for idiots I'm one of them!!!
  10. Chopper

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    RichardS when I first read your post I thought how could anybody do that, becuse we all know if you didn't shut the fuel valve off every time on the old bikes when you parked you ran a chance of the needle letting fuel run through the carb straight into the cylinders and then down past the pistons into the crankcase, then I remembered that sinking feeling of being on the interstate, hearing the sputtering then reaching under the tank and feeling the valve all ready in the reserve position and having to rock the bike back and fourth trying to get every last drop of fuel out of it.
    I almost forgot, I was young once, THANK YOU so much for reminding me, Yea!!!! I was young once, I haven't always this careful old fart I am now:)