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    My 2008 Ultra has developed that pinging noise that I've seen here before (like pebbles kicking up from the road). I use 93 octane gas and tried different major brands. I've added different octane boosters. I had the dealer check it out at my 10,000 mile service - said all was fine. Shell gas seems to help a little.

    It seems like a heat related thing cause it hardly does it when I ride when it's in the 50s. Gets real bad when I accelerate hard passing or going up a hill. It's driving me crazy.

    Anybody got any ideas who has had the same problem?
  2. glider

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    The lean mixtures add to the pinging problem. Do you have an ECM download or tuner on the bike? What mods have you done, intake etc?
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    Since the dealer didn't find anything, and you've still got the problem, one thing you can check on your own is your plugs, and wires.
    Just to make sure they are firing properly, gapped and dry.
    And, that you have good clean and uncorroded connections at both ends of your wires, and your wires are good.
    The only reason I'm suggesting this is because of what we found on a friends 08 Ultra. He had a persistant detonation problem much the same as you discribe. The dealer could find nothing...matter of fact, several dealers found nothing.
    We replaced his plug wires....even though he had no codes, and the wires looked good....problem solved and no detonation since.
    Good luck.
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    Sometimes primary noise can sound like engine noise you may want to check the primary .
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    If you were to climb a long hill under hard throttle, would the engine knock for a second or two and then stop knocking for the rest of the way or will you hear a continuous stream of knocking?

    The bike actually should just knock for a second or two and then quit knocking if the ion knock retard system is working properly. The Ion system will kick the timing back to whatever is necessary to stop the knock. You will hear a short burst of knock, then it should stop knocking. By chance did you change the plugs, wires or coil to a brand other than factory stock.?
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    Something else to remember with the 07 bikes. There was a replacement of the program in the ECM with a less aggressive one, I think the program was 0903 which was called a torque smoothing download. Not sure if it was all the bikes in 07 or just the baggers. May be worth checking into with the dealer. This was a less aggressive map basically and could account for the pinging you are having. Your 08 should already have it but it may be worth checking into it.

    2007 Torque Smoothing download - Harley Davidson Community