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Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by Jan Meijer, Dec 17, 2011.

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    Dear HD friends,
    Since a few week I'm the owner of a Harley Davidson Sportster from 1979. The formal owner has rebuild this bike in a sort of chopper. Now I'm working on the bike, because it didn't run for a couple of years.
    I don't know if anyone can help me to find out if it is an original Harley Davidson or a "replica". The VIN is MICH79361 and the code, which we use in the Netherlands is 79HDMML10279361.
    Does anyone knows were this Harley Davidson comes from or has a similar VIN or code number.
    Furthermore, normally the Sportster is a 883 engine, but in my official registration form is stated that this is a 993 engine.
    If someone of you has some information, please let me know.
    Merry Christmas and a happy new year
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    Welcome to the forum. The 993 could have been a typo on your registration, I had that happen to me recently. I discovered it when the insurance company wanted to comfirm the VIN. They had transposed a 4 for a 9. Whats is bad about that is the bike is 26 yrs old. Hard to believe no one caught it for that long.

    Try doing a search for VIN codes that breaks down what the numbers and letters mean but, with the five numbers matching the VIN I would think it's the original. However, I not an expert on the matter. I'm sure someone that is will be along to help you out. Check here this may help.

    vin decode - Harley Davidson Community
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    Looks like it was registered in Michigan. Was this a metal plate riveted to the nec? Nebraska does this or did. Not sure what Texas does.My Paucho frame had a 17 digit # on the frame from purchase. Tx used that # to register my hard tail. Early after mkt. frames were'nt required the 17 dig. #.Hope this helps.
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    1979 Sportsters were 1000 cc. No 883's were built in that year. I am not sure about the 1000 bore and stroke but it may be that it is registered as the actual cc's in your country rather than rounding off as is often the case.
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    The numbers you posted, don't match factory HD vin numbers. Factory frames were stamped (3/16") on the right side of the steering head with a * before and after. If there is no number on the frame neck, it's likely an aftermarket frame. There should be a serial number stamped below the cylinders on the right side. There should be a * (star) before and after the numbers. XL serial numbers for 1979 Usually started 4A or 4E, then 4 digits, then 2 letters (4A12345H9). If there are no numbers on the right cases, it should be evident that they were ground off.
    More info and pictures can help narrow things down.
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