help with seat back REMOVAL on FLHXXX

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    I recently picked up a 2010 Street Glide Trike and I can't figure out how to remove the drivers seat back rest. The previous owner said it was very easy to do but didn't show me how to remove it.
    Anyone familiar with this? The owners manual didn't show anything.
    It's a factory seat.
    Thx, Skip
  2. glazier

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    If it's like mine, there are two posts that fit into the mount. They are spring loaded. One of the posts swivels, the other doesn't. You have to get your hand down in there, and squeeze the posts together to unlock them from the mount. Angle it a little bit and pull up. It's easier if you do one side first then the other. Good luck.
  3. r_k_dragon

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    I take two fingers and slip them down into the slot in the seat where the backrest comes out. I follow the backrest down as far as my fingers reach and push that piece toward the other side of the backrest. The backrest has two bars going down into the seat that are spring loaded apart. In orders words, when you push the two sides together enough, the backrest will come out of the mount. The mount is slotted so the two bars pushed together will go down into it and latch when released. The bars spring apart to hold the backrest in place. I put my other hand on the top of the backrest and wiggle it from side-to-side as I push the backrest bar going down into the mount toward the far side of the backrest. This seems to help somewhat!

    Too wordie, I know! Sorry! Good luck!:breakdance:cheers
  4. Breeze3at

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    I have that same backrest. The RIGHT side post is the hinged one, the left is solid. I push the backrest to the right really hard, then tilt it so the left side pin comes out of the hole, then I just "walk" it up by wiggling L. & R. I still hate that thing! The ebay item shows what you are dealing with. Note the right leg is out further because it is the one that pivots.
    P.S. I went to Home Depot and got a lighter weight spring, and it works a little bit easier.

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