Help with complete take off on primary system

Discussion in 'Transmission' started by WildBillsHD, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. WildBillsHD

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    Hi, I need help with breaking loose the Main Drive Shaft Bolt/Nut from the drive shaft on HD 1340 EVO and the best way on holding the motor back from turning over in do so. (breaking this bolt loose) .Here is a picture on what I am trying to do. I need to take off the whole primary system to replace my back rear final belt. Any tricks or tips would be very much appreciated. Thanks. Bill

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  2. Bud White

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    buy a primary locking bar or make one
  3. CatWoman

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    Welcome to the forum WildBill! You should find a lot of good information here!!

    On my 89 Electra Glide, I ended up having to purchase an impact driver with a range up to 750 ft lbs as mine was erroneously torqued down to greater than 600 ft lbs -- just a warning -- (you don't need to hold the motor back when you use the impact driver). Otherwise, the other thing you can do is place another breaker bar type devise on the clutch bolt (careful, some of these are opposite threaded -- right to loosen, left to tighten, this allows the whole process to work the best). While the clutch bolt is held (hopefully by another person), you should be able to loosen the other bolt -- unless, of course, it's at 600 ft lbs. :12:

    Otherwise, See Bud's suggestion above

    Let us know how it goes!!

    CatWoman ::rider
  4. Chopper

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    You can use a wood wedge between the sprocket & chain if your in a hurry, aftermarket suppliers sell a nylon wedge for this. Bud also has a good thought if you have some bar stock, you can cut a peice to fit between the sprockets and lock them up. A 1/2'' impact gun will also break it loose, just do not use a gun when installing it. And don't forget the clutch nut is left handed threads.
    good luck
  5. fin_676

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    Its a left hand thread so got to turn it the opposite way from normal to loosen it off
    if your short of special tools to hold the shaft from spinning put bike in gear and get a friend to stand on the rear brake that should hold it
    or screw a couple of bits of wood same width as chain together in a step pattern and place in between chain and sprocket

  6. ultrat

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    i made mine out of a worn out primary nylon shoe made a few steps in it .....
  7. dhorne

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    I used a cutting board and cut three strips and screwed them together in steps for a wedge , I found the idea in self help . also with the transmission in 5th gear and the brakes on works as well
  8. Drumrguy

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    Use an air compressor and it will break without having to lock anything. Good luck.
  9. Bud White

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    i wouldn't impact it due to worry of knocking a magnet from shock
  10. Dan89FLSTC

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    Some good suggestions here, and some bad ones...

    Do not attempt to lock the primary by holding the clutch hub nut, you will trash the threads on the nut.

    Locking bar or wedge should be used.

    The nut on the engine is called the compensator nut, it is NOT a left hand thread.

    The nut that holds the clutch hub can be either left hand or right hand thread, depending on the year the transmission was made.

    You can make some very expensive mistakes here by not having a shop manual.