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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by kdaddy, Dec 29, 2014.

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    So i had my iiner primary off to replace the inner primary mainshaft seal. I bought a james gasket set and it came with two seals. One for 94 to 2004 and another for 2005 and 06. Mine is 05 electraglide. They are made basically opposite where the circular spring is in relationship to the flat of the seal. The earlier ones have the spring on the side same as channel groove and the opposite side or back is all flat. Mine has the spring around a lip that protrudes out further on the flat side. The groove or channel is on opposite side of spring.
    I have this all back together and i am pretty sure i put the channel facing the inner primary bearing clip and the flat side and springed lip facing the main drive pulley.
    Have i got this in backward? Does the spring always go toward the primary bearing and maybe my channel should face the pulley?
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    The '04 & '05 have the same oem P/N. I think you got a Double lip seal installed. It sounds as though you put it in correctly. Normally the flat side is towards the Tranny.

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    ISN'T that seal for the primary using the flat side toward the tranny to Keep the primary Oil IN?

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    This is out of 2008 touring manual,

    See Figure 6-21. With the lip garter spring side
    (stamped "oil side") facing toward the bearing, press
    squarely on the outer edge of a new oil seal until outer
    edge of seal is flush with machined surface of inner
    primary housing.
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    Correct, the new HD seal will have "Oil Side" in small print on the seal; it will appear to be backwards compared to the old OEM seal style seal. Unfortunately, the OP does not have the OEM seal. In reading the OP, it sounds like the seal was installed backwards but without seeing the seal, hard to say for sure. The OP will know soon enough.:s
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    Thanks everyone. I called tech support at J&P thats where i bought the gasket set. The flat side with the lip and spring goes toward the bearing. The channel goes out side. After looking at the factory seal i tapped out with a screwdriver from the inside it says "oil side" and matches his instruction. With the James seal having a metal core i gradually tapped it out from the inside with a dull screwdriver a flipped it over and re installed. No damage done i got lucky.

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    I never really looked at the inner primary seal till I had it out. It looked to me like the factory had the seal in backwards because the wiper seal was toward the bearing and the oil seal was toward the transmission.

    A diesel mechanic friend who also rides a Harley stopped by so I asked him. He looked at the seal and agreed with me, the factory had installed it backwards but it had never leaked. When I put the new one in, I will put it in the right way. :s
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    The rule of thumb to remember is the garter spring on the lip seal goes towards the fluid your trying to contain regardless of the configuration of the seal body. Some models still have the flat towards the tranny . Mine and others have the channel towards te tranny. Again, garter spring is oil side.

    The exception on mine was the starter jackshaft seal which had a spring seal on both sides but it was stepped and could only go in one way. By the way James gaskets are a step abve the oem for certain. They are thicker and have the sealer bead. If you lay them side by side you would never use an oem gasket again.
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    +1 on James gaskets. Far and away better than oem.