Help! 2000 Ultraglide starts then quits

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by RedPanEd, Oct 8, 2013.

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    The problem: bike starts normal, dies in 3-5 seconds. will not restart until switch is turned off for a few minutes. When bike does start I can rev it up as usual.
    The bike: 2000 FLHTCUI stock ignition and fuel injection.
    I've got service manual, but there are no trouble codes stored. anybody had these symptoms?
    Thanks, Ed
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    Just a shot in the dark, I've seen this happen on two bikes in ten years but should have thrown a code if this the problem.
    Tech Tips Online
    July 22, 2002
    No Start Condition
    We have had reports of a no start condition on several motorcycles with Delphi fuel
    injection. The problem occurs one time and does not return, so is difficult to
    diagnose. When the condition occurs, a P1010 code - missing password, is
    normally set. There have been a few reports of a P1009 code - incorrect password
    also. We are still investigating the cause but it appears the turn signal module did
    not get a complete message from the ecm at ignition ON so the engine starts and
    stalls or cranks but will not start. If you receive a call from a customer with this
    condition, or have one in your service department, try removing the ecm and
    security fuses, wait a few seconds and reinstall the fuses. We have found this
    "reboots" the turn signal module and the motorcycle will then start from that point
    on. The historic codes will remain for 50 starts or until cleared.
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    Thanks for the response. I'm not sure if it will apply since my 2000 is a Magnetti Marelli, not a Delphi. I'll give it a try.
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    Problem solved!

    After reading responses to this and other posts I decided to check the bank angle sensor (BAS), even though I had no trouble codes at all. I also own a 2000 FLSTC and to my surprise the BAS is the same part number. I took the BAS off the heritage and installed it on the ultra and the bike started and ran perfectly. Took the BAS of from the Ultra and put it on the softail and the bike started and died just like the Ultra had.
    I don’t know why the bike did not give a fault code indicating that the problem was with the BAS, but can't argue with the results of swapping the part.
    Thanks to all that responded!