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    I have a big problem. I haven't wore a motorcycle helmet since 2003. My family has been encouraging me to wear a helmet and I have been thinking about going on a road trip. Most of the states other than Ohio have lid laws. So being able to wear a helmet is imperative when traveling out of Ohio. I tried out the helmets that I have for a couple short trips, and I have had problems with both of them. I tried my halfy helmet and my full face helmet. On both attempts I felt like I was going to vomit and I couldn't wait to get off of the motorcylce. Has anyone else experienced a similar problem? I think the problem that I have is from the helmet boucing around. The wind comes over my fairing and windshield creating a washout effect that makes my helmet and my head chatter around. I get to the point where I can barely focus from the boucing around. The horizon is bouncing and vibrating around with the movement of the helmet. Currently I have a about a 8" windshield. I am wondering if a standard size 12" windshield will stop my helmet from boucing around. Is their any other cure for this problem or do you just have too get used to the bouncing around? Thanks,
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    I may well be wrong but it sounds to me like you might be having the problem known as buffeting. It's usually caused by wind hitting the front or the bottom edge of the helmet. It can get bad enough to give a person double vision.

    A lot of people have to try various windshield heights before they find the perfect fit. Some also find a differently shaped windshield (recurved, etc.) to solve the problem. Unfortunately, it's usually a matter of trial and error, which can get expensive. The best solution is to find someone who has the same model of bike with a different sized windshield. See if they will let you ride it. If it solves the problem, then you buy the same sized windshield. If not, then you need to look further. Good Luck.
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    I wear a 1/2 helmet most of the time and experience none of the buffeting that you're talking about. My eyesight is just over the top of the windshield.

    If you can adjust the angle of your windshield, try that. Sometimes a minor angle change is enough to redirect the air flow. Also, the air may be coming from low on the front of the bike and then up over/around the tank. As you're riding, try putting your hand palm down in front of your chest and moving it around. You may be surprised to find that the air is coming under ,rather than over, the windshield. If that doesn't work then your best bet is a larger windshield.

    Here's another idea. Cut pieces of cardboard of varying widths (2", 3", 4" etc) that are the width (left to right) of your windshield. Tape them, one at a time, across the top of the windshield and take a ride. When the buffeting goes away you know how much bigger the new windshield needs to be.
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    I've had buffeting issues on mine in the past, but not to the extreme that you're experiencing. The worst I had was with the OEM 4" shield.

    I've got a 10 1/2" recurve from Clearview on my FLHX. Another item that really cleared up my issues was the air deflector that mounts below the triple-tree. It diverts some of the air down towards the motor so it doesn't come up between the gas tank and fairing.

    There could also be issues with your helmets. Some will buffet more than others. If your shorty has a visor on it, you might try removing it and see if that helps.
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    First, make sure your helmets fit properly and the chin strap is secure.

    Second, it's cheaper to eliminate the air coming from under and around the sides of the fairing than buying new windshields. Try the fork baffle and then the fairing air deflectors. You might be surprised to find one or both of these cuts down on the air coming up onto your chest and chin to eliminate the problem. If not, then proceed to the windshield. However, you don't say how tall you are. I'm 6 foot tall and the 8 inch shield with a recurve top works great for me.

    There's also a vest on the market that has flaps which cut down on the same chest/chin airflow. They claim you can wear a baseball cap and not have it blown off.
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    the short clear sheild from harley [ will fit most brands of half helmets ] worked perfect for me, i wear eye glasses so no snug fit like goggles, wind in the eyes and the helmet dance was bad with the fatboy but unbearable with the streetglide, these sheilds are only about $20, give it a try i think you will be pleased
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    I just put a Clearview GT recurve on my 05 Road Glide and do not have any buffeting. Try their website its very informative as to height you will need. Great company to do business with.
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    I use a clearview and an agv dragon helmet when I where one no buffetting and a comfortable helmet
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    +1 on Clearview being a great company to do business with.