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    i have a 2005 Electra glide question i have 11,000 miles i have whining noise when hot in mainly 4 th gear also gears seem to clunk hard neutral to first hist hard grinds sometimes
    thanks, mac
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    Welcome to the forum.

    What kind of lube are you using? Fuzzy magnetic drain plug when you change fluids in tranny?
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    Try changing to a FULL synthetic 75W140 A.P.I GL-5 gear lube. I personally use Spectro Heavy Duty Platinum 6-speed Transmission Oil. Lots of others here use that or Redline Heavy Shockproof Gear Oil.

    Check this:

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    NOT knowing what lube you use in your bike. I'll still go here.

    I would Suggest using Redline Shockproof Heavy in the tyranny..
    More than likely the noise you have in 4th will disappear..

    WARNING to those who have read my lengthy adjustment before,,, FORE GO AND SKIP,, Go to the next post
    As far as the clunking and grind, You may need a Proper Clutch adjustment is needed..(some may want to read this as it WORKS)

    If you do the work on your bike follow this, when Cold.... Slacken the cable adjuster a Bunch...

    Take off the derby cover off and insert allen wrench so you don't move the Bolt While You loosen the lock nut several turns out for clearance.... Watch very careful and Count the turns IN (right) the allen wrench makes Clutch Bolt turn UNTIL it touches the clutch(stops)..

    I want to know this number... Just to see how far your clutch was OUT of adjustment....IF it is Only a 1/2 turn in to touch, it was NOT out of adjustment but IF more than a 1/2 turn, it was Out of adjustment. Tell me how much.

    Now lets adjust your clutch. Yada yada...

    After you have Hand turned NO FORCE just easy turns IN that you counted for me using the long allen part into the bolt and the little 90* for the handle part, (no force needed for this adjustment)

    Turn clutch bolt IN until it Lightly touches (snug by hand only),,,THEN back OUT exactly 1/2 turn (looking at the 90* of the allen wrench) from the IN lightly stopped position...

    Mind you, the center allen bolt is JUST Touching IN against the clutch where it goes tight and was not turned Hard (it will be almost finger tight but Firm to touch the clutch in and stop)...

    Now go back to the adjustment,,,,

    Exactly 1/2 turn out and HOLD so it doesn't move, snug the lock nut MAKING sure the center bolt Didn't Move either direction OFF the 1/2 turn out position...Very Important dimension to hold...

    Now, go turn the slacked cable adjuster back OUT (lengthen back out)

    Your adjustment clutch cable Clearance is taken at the ferrel where the cable touches inside the clutch handle Bracket.. When it is close to finger out tight,,,Pull on the cable housing to see How far it moves out from the tight position of the clutch handle brkt. at the handle bar,,,
    Shooting for 1/16" to a 1/8" maximum clearance... snug adjustment until you get this clearance right.

    Put the derby cover on and your clutch should be good to go..
    It should have plenty of clutch separation and work properly.... The clutch handle should start to grab the clutch at about a full 1" or more OUT from the handle bar..

    Try when you first start out, engine running and ready to ride, squeeze the clutch handle in and count 5 seconds, Then put it into First gear, NO noise is more than likely the finding now.. Shifting will be easier and quieter not only because of the Best Lube in the Tyranny (redline shockproof heavy) but also the proper clutch adjustment done.

    Now go Ride.

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    ok thanks for the reply im used harley 20/50 syn also used 75/90 went back to harley 20/50 will try spectra thanks and will try clutch adjust
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    The 20/50 isn't meant to be a gear oil. You will no doubt see a difference if you try the Spectro gear oil.