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    Well here I am in Pigeon Forge for the Honda Hoot amoung all the Honda and such. It is really funny when you ride up to the parking lot, and some people accept the bike, and others just don't think you should be there. It is funny.

    Well anyway. I have a 2005 Electra Glide Standard, and we did the Ghost Riders in the Sky Ride today. We got on 441 heading south, when we got stuck in some heavy heavy traffic. About 2 hours worth. Man it was just stop for 15 mins and move 2 in. It is hot as heck too. I did notice one thing. Just out of nowhere, the engine start to plusate like it was hitting on every othere stroke. The only thing I could think of was the EFI mapping started kicking in when the engine got to a certian temp.

    So he we are sitting in traffic, and my brother - in - law on his Honda VTX 1800. He hates Harleys. He bashes them every chance he gets. He is the one that would bash them and not even know what he was talking about. I showed him up good though. I sat there for so long, I just turned the bike off. Figured why waste the gas. He just knew when it was time to go that the bike would not start, because it was so hot. Sure enough, I turned on the switch, and she fired right up. Didn't even sputter. Just one crank, and she was off and running. He could not say anything after that.

    I think I will invest in a oil cooler. I know you need air flowing over the cooler to cool the oil, but hey it is better to have than not to have. At least if there is wind or air around the cooler it will at least cool something. I have to thank Harley for a good EFI, and Amsoil 20 W 50. I happy camper.

    Also a added note. I showed him up in another way. I drove the bike all the way from Vero Beach FL to Pigeon Forge TN. LETS RIDE
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    Tlyoungb....man you sure brought up a good point..I thought it was only me....but it seems like the GoldWingers are a bit stuck up...They never seem to smile...and never stop when some biker is broke down on the road...Always seems like a Harley Rider is the first to stop...I know we've stopped a few times...even though we actually weren't any help..other than helping a couple of folks out with gas and staying with strangers to our area till a tow truck came my knowledge of bike is a big fat Zero. Still we try and be friendly to folks regardless what they ride...So what is it with your relatives dislike for Harleys..is it the Rider are is it the Bike itself....very curious. Thanks in advance.
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    Uhmm.........my daily ride is an Aprilia Tuono.Man did I say that out loud?:bigsmiley6:
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    Fourdogs "but it seems like the GoldWingers are a bit stuck up..."

    There may be some but lets not stereotype them like that. I just got my bike, took it on a quick ride and it broke down in a neighborhood. Guy came out from his house to help, he had a Goldwing trike, took me home and let me store the bike at his house for the night, till Harley could come and get it. We are all bikers, whatever we ride. I happen to love Harley and the reason I got one, but to each their own.
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    Great to hear that...just relaying my experience of never seeing a Gold Winger stop...I'm sure there are many that would in a Minnesota minute..just ain't seen it happen yet!!!!..lol But I'll keep my eyes open..promise...:D