Hello from Mason, MI!

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    Hello all.
    I found your site when researching shovelhead pushrod adjustment directions. I have a 1972 Super Glide that my dad bought used in 1976. I rode my Sportster alongside Dad on his Super Glide for 25 years. In the Spring of 2010, when his ALS got to the point that he wasn't able to ride anymore, he gave "Ol' Orange" to me. It was a glad/sad kind of moment. I since sold my Sportster and have been riding and wrenching on the Super Glide ever since.

    I live in Mason, MI, which is about 15 miles SE of Lansing, with my wife, Windy, and our "Brady Bunch" family (4 kids...two of mine and two of hers, all under 12!)
    I began riding a mini-bike at 4 yrs old, and have had a motorcycle ever since. Both my father and step-fathers own(ed) Harleys, and I have many fond memories of hanging out, as a youngster, "helping" wrench on them.

    My first road bike, at 16 yrs old, was a Honda Rebel (because I thought it looked like a Sportster!) I had my first road bike a full year before I had my first car. Experienced riding in COLD MI weather pretty early! When I graduated from college, (U of M,) in 1997, I bought myself and my THEN wife a pair of new 883 Sportsters and had the Stage-1 1200cc conversions done immediately. I rode that bike for 13 years, eventually raking the frame myself and installing 10" over front tubes. (My step-father owned a welding company, and I grew up welding and wrenching.)

    Anyway, that's about it. I work as a Special Ed. teacher, here in Mason, teaching "kids" (aged 18-26) with Autism. Best part of my job is having Summers free to ride my Super Glide!

    Eric (EggertDeggert) Lynch
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    Welcome from Florida!

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    Glad to have you aboard! :ws:rider
    From Central Florida.
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    Welcome to The Forum
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    Welcome from South Dakota!