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    I traded in my BMW R1150RT two years ago for a new 2010 Harley Davidson SuperGlide FXDC. I really enjoy the bike and have added a few things to it to make it fit my needs and likes. I added a bit more chrome to the bike since then and love to do my own maintenance on it as well. Been ofn a few road trips and planning on a rodad trip to see the kids in Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Utah and then home to California. Living in the San Francisco Bay area has its challenges with many cages and traffic. I have riden now forover 50 years and enjoy riding with my wife to see the country. Now a member of HOG I am starting to meet ohter riders and planning on a few runs with them. I really enjoy the bike. It is different than the BMW but in a lot of good ways as well. One of them is I can do the maintenance instead of having to have a scanner to do all the maintenance, due to the BMW CAN systems and Integral Braking System. Ride Safe my friends!!!! Dr Dave
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    Welcome to the forum.:bigsmiley23::cheers
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    Welcome to The Forum
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    Glad to have you aboard! :ws:rider
    From Central Florida.