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    Just stopping in to say hello from Bristol, RI.

    I am new to riding,(took the MSF class at a local HD this last Aug), part of my bucket list, and I am enjoying every minute of it. The Bike is a 2003 Heritage Classic, has lots of up grades,( lowered, Apes, etc.), I will be taking it down to St. Petersburg Fla at the end of this month (trailing), for 6 months then back to Bristol in May. Had one major problem (front tire went flat while driving on the highway), the guy who put the tube on the front tire some how twisted the tube. I was lucky that nothing happen and was able to make my way to the break down lane without incident (someone is watching, sure wasn't skill).

    Was interested in changing the wheels to DNA 52 fat spoke, any comments would be greatly appreciated.

    John G

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    Welcome to the "BEST on the NET" Be sure to check out the Self Help Section for great tips and advice. Enjoy your stay!!!
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    Welcome to The Forum, u r coming to Florida the same time all the snow birds are watch out for the cages:ws:rider
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    Welcome to THE forum from central MS. Can't help you at all as far as the wheels go, but someone here can. Glad there was no crash with the flat. I often worry about that happening and will I do what I was taught to do........
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    Thanks Guys

    Looks like a great site, lots of good info.

    I hope Fla isn't much worst than it is here (Mass/RI area), with the texting and cell phones, it is like driving in a collusion derby.
    I was going to use the bike to commute to work each day and leave the car for the wife. Work is only about 4 miles from were we are going to live.

    Like I said it wasn't do to my skills as a rider that I survived, it was more (EDIT) luck and someone from above watching over me. When the bike started having issues with turning I let off on the gas and drifted to the side of the road. I wasn't sure what was going on but didn't want to apply the brakes. When I got to the break down lane the tire still had a little air left about 10 lbs or so and went totally flat in 5 minutes or so. Called the HOG help line and the local dealer came and picked up the bike.

    Please read this...
    A Friendly Reminder - Harley Davidson Community
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    Welcome aboard from Canada. :)
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    thanks guys
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    Welcome! Perhaps we'll see you riding the roads of Floirda....
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    Welcome aboard, glad to have you here. :ws
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    Welcome aboard from Central Florida:ws