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    I'm Erik, currently in Arlington VA after 2 years in Saigon. Heading to El Salvador this fall. I was a casual small bike rider but when I lived in Vietnam I fell in with the unofficial HOG chapter in Saigon and clocked about 3000 miles with them in about 6 months (one of the members had multiple bikes and liked to show all of them off, so I rode his 2009 Crossbones).

    As soon as I got back here in the States I bought a new Slim, and just did the 1000 mile on it today. I'll never go back to the metric bikes, although I like the old classics... I had an old Honda in Vietnam that got driven to work everyday, but stayed parked on the weekends when I rode with the Vietnamese guys.

    The Slim was a good choice for me because of the shipping weight (needed to stay under 700 pounds to leave room for things like furniture). It is mostly stock except for V&H big shots and the stage 1.
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    Welcome from Florida!

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    Welcome to The Forum
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    Glad to have you aboard! :ws:rider
    From Central Florida.