Hello from a female rider in Oregon!

Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by The_machine, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. The_machine

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    Hi all,

    I'm a new(er) rider looking to learn a lot more about motorcycles. Looks like this forum is chock full of info! I bought my bike right after getting my endorsement nearly 3 years ago. I have plenty of miles under my belt now but still so much to learn. I love riding around Oregon, Washington and (recently) California. I just finished up a long ride from Oregon down to San Fran and back up Hwy 1 in California. Amazing in so many ways.

    Also if there are any other female riders that contribute to the forum, I want to say hello!

    See you around! :s
  2. Cheater

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    I'm in SW Washington so ride in Oregon a lot. Beautiful state with miles of great rides. The run down Hwy 1 must be terrific. I'll be doing that one day myself. Ride Safe!

    MADHOG New Member

    Hey from Vegas! Do yourself a favor and get the Ride Like a Pro and Surviving the Mean Streets DVDs (just google it), if you don’t have them already. A lot of good info there…
  4. The_machine

    The_machine New Member

    Hi Cheater, Hwy 1 was terrific, and insane. Weather is really unpredictable even in the middle of the summer, so we had to deal with everything from 100 degrees+ to 45 degrees and very little visibility due to fog. I think no matter what, you'll find adventure on Hwy 1.
    The sad thing was on our way down we got slowed up on the freeway due to a motorcycle accident. We lane split to get to the front of the line of cars and 2 cars back from the bottleneck the cops shut down the freeway so that life flight could be brought in. We spoke to the guy's buddies and they said he had a bald back tire that blew while he was doing 80. He knew it was bald but had decided to wait to replace it. They thought he would make it through ok, I hope he did... And that was day 1 of our 8 day trip.

    Heya Madhog, I make it a point every year to hit a parking lot to practice some of the Ride Like a Pro maneuvers. The local Riders Basic course doesn't even cover using your rear brake for tight maneuvers, which are pretty important to understand when riding a Harley! Especially when you are 5'3" and dragging your leg on the ground doesn't help much, lol.
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    :wce Ride Safe!!!
  6. Joyflyin

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    Welcome aboard, glad to have you here. :ws
  7. Low Sporty

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    Hello Machine and Welcome! We ride the same scoot, same year, same color! Just bought mine in June with just a tic over 4000 on the clock. Been wanting a Sporty for 37 years and I Love It! You know what they say, "Great minds think alike"! Buy yours new? How many miles ya' got on it. Any problems so far? Regards, Low Sporty
  8. geezer

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    Welcome aboard from Canada. :)
  9. Dr. Dolittle

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    Welcome from Woodstock, Georgia, northwest of Atlanta!


    Be sure to take a few minutes to read through this and your stay here will be long and pleasant!

    HD Talking Rules - Harley Davidson Community

  10. The_machine

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    Hiya Low,

    I did buy mine new, got a great deal on it since the dealership had tons of stock. No problems so far other than a leaky tire. I've got about 8000 miles on it now. I've been pretty happy with it, but I did a 1600 mile trip a few weeks ago and even with a Mustang saddle and highway pegs, it's just not a good bike for touring. I'm looking to start doing alot more touring in the future so I may trade it in for a Fat Boy Lo next year.