Heavy Breather for touring models w/ lowers

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by B-1B_Guy, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. B-1B_Guy

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    Hey all,

    Just FYI....MOCO finally came out with a heavy breather for scoots w/ lowers.

    Screamin' Eagle® Street Legal "Heavy Breather" Performance Air Cleaner Kit - Chrome

    This high-flow forward-facing exposed element Air Cleaner Kit is sure to turn heads at the starting line. Featuring a polished and chrome-plated elbow, this unique air cleaner system offers improved performance and air flow when compared to the stock or Screamin' Eagle® High Flow air cleaner. The washable and re-chargeable filter features a bright chrome end cap with a laser-engraved Screamin' Eagle® logo. Intake tube and back plate are made from die cast lightweight aluminum, and are polished and chrome-plated or painted black for a brilliant finish. The back plate features integral breathers and sealed breather bolt plug. Kit includes a water-repellent rain sock and all mounting hardware. All EFI-equipped models require ECM calibration (priced separately).


    IN-STORE PURCHASE ONLY Contact dealer for pricing and availability.

    Fits '08-later Touring models equipped with Fairing Lower Glove Boxes. Street legal when used with Original Equipment throttle body.

    MSRP US $299.95
  2. joey angel

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    Hey Guys Quick question we have a 2010 Street Glide and we want to put a heavy breather on our bike. Question is do we really have to do the download if we are running stock exhaust. What do you think?
  3. glider

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    They will adjust some but if you open the exhaust you need some more fuel being they are EPA lean to start with.
  4. jimharvey1

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    Says for '08 and later. What's the difference between the '07 and the '08 induction wise?
  5. R. Lewis

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    wasn't the 08's set up for the fly by wire system and the 07 wasn't??? not sure if that makes any diff. here!!???:52:
  6. jimharvey1

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    You're correct there. They also went to a 6 gallon tank and the air cleaner is a little different but I'm curious if the bolt pattern changed between 07/08 where everything bolts to the throttle body.
  7. JoeFL7

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    In the last issue of Hot Bike Magazine, they had a Harley dealer in California do a stage I with air cleaner and pipes, and they stated in there that you did not need a download of ECM change. I am running slip ons (Rolling Thunder) and the Screaming Eagle Heavy Breather, and I have no download, and my bike runs fine. I have ordered a Power Commander V because I am putting a 2-1 Bassani Road Rage pipe on, and I want to tune the ECM for the max power for the upgrade. My bike runs great right now, and I can't wait to juice it up with the 2 into 1 pipe and a power commander. I should get about 20 total horsepower when all is said and done. Good Luck!!!
  8. Elmosac

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    The stock MAP is way too lean to begin with and the extra airflow will only make that worst.

    The real question is whether you go with the $150 dealer download or spend $450 and get a tuner so that you can adjust it correctly. The dealer download is a generic one-size-fits-all MAP that is a 75% solution. With the tuner you get MAPs that are a lot closer to your set up and have the ablility to tweek them to get them right.

    You really are getting what you pay for.
  9. wilsylb2009

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    Dont get the $150.00 download, buy the race tuner ,install 211 SC cams,have the SC heads reworked,and go 11:01 comp. scorpion clutch. and then try to hold on.. :)