Heavier oil in rear shocks better?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by oiler, Jun 16, 2011.

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    Anyone change the oil in their rear shocks with a heavier oil? Want to try it on my 09 SG to improve the ride without the expensive purchase of new shocks. I read somewhere that the stock oil is a 5 wt and I want to replace it with a 7 wt. I remember reading that it does make a difference.
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    i got tired of trying to find ways of softening my ride. could never get it to run without taking a beating.
    finally i installed a set of showa shocks from a kawasaki nomad.
    they have coil springs as well as an adjustable tenioner, combined with the air and oil.
    had to swap out the bushings from my stock shocks to make it happen.
    ride is 10 times smoother.
    they will not work with a lowering kit as the shocks are bigger in diameter and will hit your bags. 13" eye to eye.