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    Went for a ride today, my wife and I just about burned up. Even though it was 90 outside, have never been that hot on water cooled metric. Guess I will take my lowers off for the summer.New to Harleys. Anything you can do about the heat? Different pipes help, or PCT.
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    Taking the lowers off helps, but the main thing is that the Harley is air cooled and puts out a lot of heat. Not much you can do about it, fuel management helps but you still create heat that has to be removed. Air cooled engines don't do it the same way the metric did. You will get used to it. Enjoy.
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    I haven't done it but I am sure others will tell you to add a fuel management system to richen the mixture a little to reduce heat. Others swear by it so there must be something to it. I believe most use the TFI which is discussed in the self help section.

    I have no expertience with touring bikes but it looks like there are less paths for the heat to escape so it is probably concentrated in some areas. I have seen some plastic things that are supposed to shield the heat from the passenger's legs.
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    Look at ad on this site. Mo more hot thighs, they have a solution. I like the way they look.
    May try some myself.
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    Really like others have said you need a fuel management system , I have the TFI , not much money at all, and have added true duals to get the haet away from my wife, My 08 used to run around 230'F oil temp, now its down around 210'F and pretty much stays there, I know it does not sound like much but your seat will know the difference, you will also pick up performance gains with the TFI, theres a lot of help here, many good people.. Good Luck Tim

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    Heat management on aircooled engines should include air management and oil cooler...as well as Stage I and proper oil and gear lubes to manage the internal heat as well.

    Heatshields and Deflectors RJ & HD:

    http://www.hdtalking.c om/touring_models/10862-heat_shields.html

    Oil Coolers HD & Jagg:

    FLH 10-row Horizontal Lowmount Oil Coolers - Jagg Oil Coolers
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    Harleys and heat go together like bread and butter. You're always going to feel the heat from the engine as it's the nature of the beast. I'd make sure you're running a good quality synthetic oil in the engine (NOT syn3). Next I'd add an oil cooler since you live in an area that is pretty warm a lot of the time. From there it's like the other guys have said, possibly true duals and a TFI. You will get used to the heat though. I only notice it when going slow in traffic. Once on the highway I don't notice it at all.
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    If your talking about a stock 2010, I bet it IS cooking. From the factory the rear cylinder is lean and the front cylinder is screaming lean. If the bike is new with low miles, it makes it that much worse.
    Until my bike had a few thousand on the odometer, it ran terribly hot because it was so tight.

    Some will say I am crazy but that engine did not loosen up until I had a good 3K miles on it.
    I remember the day it was brand new and I brought it home. You could smell the engine frying it was so hot.

    Put a few thousand on it and fatten up the mixture. It will help.
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    Agree w/others (breather, pipes, TFI & adjust), but first get those lowers off. Amazing what a little airflow will do. I rode my FLHX in 90-degree weather yesterday...mid-afternoon w/FF helmet, but didn't break a sweat. Cheers!
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    Ditching the lowers will make the biggest difference. Or, get some highway pegs and get your legs out in the wind. Different headpipe & fuel mgt system will also help some but getting air to you and the passenger is the cheapest way to cool off.